Cat Eye Infection and Its Treatment

By Elyse Obron on May 28, 2021
Cats have striking and expressive eyes, wide open when they are excited and almost shut when they are happy or relaxed. They don’t just express their feelings with their eyes but they are also a good indicator of their health. 

DIY Multi-Purpose Cat Bed

By Timi Smith on May 27, 2021
If you are a cat owner looking for an alternative to keep your favorite feline busy and comfortable without the compromise of your interior design, you have come to the right place - with the tutorial of this DIY multi-purpose cat bed you can easily create a stylish and comfortable place that will captivate even the pickiest of kittens.
As we approach summer, the weather is gradually getting hotter throughout the nation. While most people will happily embrace the warmer temperatures and the opportunity to spend time outdoors, the heat is not very friendly to your pets. In fact, it can be very dangerous for them.

3 Safety Musts for All New Pet Owners

By Mia Morales on May 24, 2021
Bringing home a new pet is a big responsibility. It changes your routine, introduces new challenges and can give you a newfound sense of purpose. However, there's a lot more to getting a pet than opening your heart and buying a few suppl...
They say that being a pet owner can help improve your quality of life. On the other hand, pets can compromise indoor air quality. And we all know what can happen when we are constantly exposed to poor indoor air quality. As such, we have listed six actionable tips on how pet owners can improve indoor air quality.
When dogs, especially puppies, are play-fighting with their furry companions, they often get a few scrapes and cuts on their bodies. This typically happens when puppies are teething. Since dogs learn a lot about the world through their sense of feeling, a dog's main means of touching and feeling are with its mouth; thus, during playtime with other dogs or puppies, they may end up going overboard sometimes.
Who doesn’t dream of turning their favorite hobbies into a business venture? Who wouldn’t love to make a living doing something they truly enjoy? As a bonus, wouldn’t you be thrilled to have your furry friend by your side while you do it?

7 Tips For Enjoying A Road Trip With Your Dog

By Rebecca Gray on May 11, 2021
Traveling is fun and offers you great relaxation from the everyday chaos of your life. But, if you have a pet, you may feel like taking them with you. Is it a wise decision? While your dog may offer you companionship and love, an impromptu road trip with them is a disaster waiting to happen. For pet owners who wish to take their four-legged on a journey and make it wonderful, you need to follow some pointers. 

Adorable Marriage Proposal Ideas with Pets

By Ashley R. Cottrell on May 9, 2021
Are you planning the ultimate surprise proposal for your partner? If you or your significant other is a pet parent, include them in on the surprise! After all, pets are part of the family too. Here are some of the sweetest ways to propose to your partner with help from your furry friends. 

Pet Ownership: Overview, Facts and Statistics

By Sandra Juliana on May 6, 2021
Looking to become a pet owner? Well, then you’re in great company. It’s estimated in the United States alone, that every two out of three households have a pet living in the house. 

5 Ways to Teach Children About Animals

By Kara Masterson on May 3, 2021
Children and animals are both gifts to this world, and as a parent, you want your children to learn about and enjoy animals that they encounter. However, these encounters aren't always pleasant. Here are 5 ways to teach children about animals.
As your dog ages, there are several common health issues that you want to be aware of in case you need to take action. Preventative action is always preferable so if you see any of the following signs or symptoms in your dog, it is best to quickly visit the vet and take care of the problem.

Luxury Designed Products for Pets, People & Planet

Pamper your pet, update your home décor and save the planet with P.L.A.Y.’s luxury and eco-friendly pet products. Our premium pet beds are not only functional, but they’re also 100% machine washable, stylish enough to look good your home & their plush filling is made from recycled plastic bottles!

From comfortable and practical pet beds, new and whimsical pet toys released yearly and the best outdoor gear to help you adventure with your furry friend, we strive to meet the needs of modern pet parents. With exclusive designs created by artists around the world, we deliver a look and feel that will leave tails wagging and wallets intact.

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