5 Most Common Poodle Health Issues

By Emily Morgan on Jul 9, 2022
Like most dog breeds, Poodle's have health issues peculiar to them. This article will give you insight as a dog owner into some of the common diseases that could affect your Poodle.
All pet owners know how hard it can be to leave your pet behind when you head off on vacation. Luckily, traveling with pets has never been easier, thanks to a huge surge in pet-friendly destinations and travel options over the last few years.

Puppy Proofing Your Home

By Mia Morales on Jul 1, 2022
Puppies are fun and excitement personified. But there is nothing like the curiosity of a puppy and the trouble it can get into when that curiosity is allowed to run rampant. 
Dogs and cats bring loads of joy and fun to your house. However, fun and joy are not the only things they bring. They also bring with them extra cleaning duties that make house cleaning even more tasking. 
...including during the event of the unthinkable

6 Summertime Safety Tips for a Happy Dog

By Mia Morales on Jun 24, 2022
The only thing that makes getting out in the sunshine better is when you can do it with your very best furry friend. If you and your pup have a full summer scheduled, here are six safety tips for a happy dog all season long.

Can Dogs and Horses Get Along

By Melissa Kauffman on Jun 19, 2022
One of the benefits of owning a dog and a horse is the opportunity to bond with them both. A lot can happen at the first meeting between the two animals when you try to get them along, and it's impossible to know exactly what will happen until that point.

Hiking With Your Dog - Tips and Tricks

By Adeline Ee on Jun 13, 2022
The temperatures are heating up, and we all know that means - it's time to go outdoors! 

Dog and Ticks: Causes, Treatment, Prevention

By Yulia Popyk on Jun 10, 2022
Prevention is the best medicine, and this is especially true when it comes to tick season. As the weather gets warmer, ticks become more active. 
According to the World Health Organization, about 55 million people worldwide deal with the effects of dementia. While there is currently no cure for dementia, there are ways to alleviate the struggles that often come with it – including getting a dog.

Tips To Help You Clean up Your Pets Mess

By Mia Morales on Jun 4, 2022
Cleaning up pet stains is one job that you prefer not to do. Stains are a hassle, but knowing how to clean them will help. These tips will instruct you on how to get those pesky stains removed from your surface.

Take Your Pet on Vacation

By Mia Morales on Jun 1, 2022
One of the hardest parts about traveling is leaving your pets behind. You may be happy to learn that there are many hotels that are pet friendly.

Luxury Designed Products for Pets, People & Planet

Pamper your pet, update your home décor and save the planet with P.L.A.Y.’s luxury and eco-friendly pet products. Our premium pet beds are not only functional, but they’re also 100% machine washable, stylish enough to look good your home & their plush filling is made from recycled plastic bottles!

From comfortable and practical pet beds, new and whimsical pet toys released yearly and the best outdoor gear to help you adventure with your furry friend, we strive to meet the needs of modern pet parents. With exclusive designs created by artists around the world, we deliver a look and feel that will leave tails wagging and wallets intact.

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