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When Do Puppies Stop Teething?

By Joshua Gordon on Dec 7, 2022
How long does teething in puppies take? When should you expect your dog’s teeth to be fully developed? Find out the answers to these questions & more here!

Beware of These Common Holiday Illnesses

By Jennifer Sy on Dec 1, 2022
According to the Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) of the American Society for the Protection and care of Animals (ASPCA), the holidays are often exceptionally busy. They receive numerous emergency calls to help poisoned pets. 

7 Tips When Caring For Your Senior Dog

By Matthew Coulton on Nov 21, 2022
As your dog gets older, their bodies and minds change. Beyond the greying fur and slower pace, you may see your dog’s energy levels drop or even illnesses take hold. In this article, we’ll talk about the ways you can adapt your care to your dog’s next phase of life and keep them happy and healthy!

Benefits of Snuggle Beds for Your Pet

By Amy Richard on Nov 18, 2022
Did you know your pet will avoid having joint pains if sleeping on a snuggle bed? Find out more benefits of snuggle beds for your pet here!

The Best Human Foods to Feed Your Canine

By Preetham Yedida on Nov 15, 2022
Image Credit We often give dogs food we eat along with their usual. You might throw them some popcorn or a piece of fruit, for instance. There are plenty of human foods that help maintain your dog’s health. They provide nutrients that re...

Help! My Dog Has the Hiccups. What Do I Do?

By Angela Topf on Nov 12, 2022
If you’ve never seen a dog hiccup, you may find it endearing, or even amusing, but did you know that it can also be cause for concern? Hiccups in dogs can cause a long list of questions.
Dog training is a fulfilling career for pet lovers. If you’ve always wanted to work with dogs, here you’ll find all the information on how to start. 

5 Ways to Get Your Dog to Play with You More

By Julia Nikolaus on Nov 3, 2022
While your dog could technically live its whole existence without playing, your pup would be missing out on one of the best parts of life. Playful interactions require mental stimulation and exercise, making them great for your pup’s health. Playtime is also a meaningful experience for you and your dog, as it helps build a stronger bond.
Who doesn't love a cute, furry, sweet creature that clings to you now and then? Cats are known to be loyal animals and express care and love for their owners. Cats are popularly kept as pets due to their calm nature. 
Man's best friend, the dog, has been an essential part of the American family for decades. However, just like with different fashion trends, dog breeds fall in and out of popularity with people.

Give Your Dog a Dream Backyard

By Mia Morales on Oct 30, 2022
You want to do everything that you can to give your dog a happy and healthy homelife. Having an awesome backyard to enjoy is a fantastic way to promote your dog’s physical health while also keeping them mentally stimulated. 
Puppies can make your days bright and light, especially when you’re feeling down and uninspired. But you have to admit, there are days when they can make your blood pressure shoot up with annoying behavior and irritating habits. 

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