10 Best Dog Breeds to Have In 2021

By Dur-e-Sabih on Dec 19, 2021
Having a loyal and trustworthy nature, dogs are perfect companions. However, they require high-maintenance, time, and attention. Some breeds love to play around with their owners, while others love socialization.

10 Common Cat Breeds to Adopt

By David Smith on Sep 24, 2021
Many cat lovers fancy common cat breeds. Probably, because it is convenient for owners to cater to their needs—food, healthcare, and training—as they are readily available.

Keeping the Peace in a Multi-Pet Household

By Howie Robleza on Aug 27, 2021
There are cat people, dog people, and people that would love to have one of every single pet they can! Multi-pet households are very common, but it’s not always clear how to create peaceful harmony at home when dealing with many different species.
Commonly referred to as "Gentle Giants" or "Apollo of dogs", this breed really stands up to that name. So If you're considering getting a Great Dane or already have one, you might be curious about how fast and especially how big these gigantic breeds grow. We've got you covered; in this article, we'll cover everything that you need to know about the Great Dane growth. 

Tips To Safely Traveling With Your Pet

By Josh Cobbe on Aug 12, 2021
If you are bringing your pet along with you on your trip, you need to ensure that the conditions of travel are comfortable for your pet. It might get challenging to travel with your pet along, so read this article to find out how you can make this process simple and enjoyable.

20 Reasons to Get a Dog

By Abby Christensen on Aug 10, 2021
Off the top of your head, it’s easy to come up with reasons to get a dog. They’re playful, cuddly, and loyal companions, just to name a few things. But how about a statistically-backed rationale for having your own pooch? Well, we have you covered. Here are 20 reasons to add a dog to your life...
If spending time with animals brings a smile to your face, getting involved with the local animal shelter this summer is a smart idea. In addition to feeding your soul, you’ll get to actually help the animals. Remember that you can get involved in more than one way.

How to Find Pet-Proof Flooring for Your New Puppy

By Brooke Chaplan on Jul 27, 2021
There is a lot to consider when bringing a new puppy into your home. For example, you may want to upgrade your flooring to a material that is more suitable for dogs. This means you are going to need to research various materials to find pet-friendly flooring. Use the following tips to find pet-proof flooring for your new puppy.

Different Sizes of the Bernedoodles

By Methew on Jul 16, 2021
In this article, we will provide you a complete breakdown of the different sizes of the Bernedoodles. We will explain everything about the Bernedoodle sizes, which is important to choose the best size for your family. 
Pet ownership has risen steadily over the years to the point that over two-thirds of American households own at least one pet – that’s nearly 85 million homes. Pet owners are a special breed. Not only do they make room for extra members in their families, but they dedicate their time and resources to caring for their pets in every way possible.

Is Your Child Ready for a Pet

By Cheryl Conklin on Jul 1, 2021
Kids begging for a puppy or kitten is a tale as old as time. But how do parents know when their child is ready for a pet? While pet ownership has benefits like teaching responsibility and compassion, it’s also a big responsibility.

Post-Move Pup Priorities

By Indiana Lee on Jun 26, 2021
Upon arriving at your new home, there are a few things you should consider to make your four-legged friend as comfortable and content as possible. Let’s go over what you should be prioritizing once you’ve moved to make sure your pet has a positive experience.

Luxury Designed Products for Pets, People & Planet

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