Any pet owner knows that traveling with your dog is one of the most exhausting things you can do. However, some dogs are extremely comfortable taking car rides while others cannot take them. If your dog is one to suffer travel anxiety, then this article is for you.
There are very few occasions when dogs don't enjoy romping outdoors. Sometimes their caretakers must use their judgment if the temperature is sweltering, though. Heat doesn't automatically mean it's not safe to play outside, but it's essential to consider how you will deal with the heat to keep your dogs safe and happy. 

Five Fun Games You Can Play With Older Dogs

By Robert Thomas on Jul 22, 2021
As your dog gets older, it can hard to see them slowing down and still wanting to have fun! Keeping your dog mentally stimulated in their old age is an absolute essential.

How to Help Your Dog Heal From a Pulled Muscle

By Rachelle Wilber on Jul 21, 2021
Seeing our furry friends in pain can be heartbreaking, luckily helping your dog heal from a pulled muscle is not hard. Some of the signs of your dog having pulled a muscle are limping or unable to use their leg. These are some things that you can do to help your pet.

Why it is Vital to Grieve for Your Pet

By Nicole Melo on Jul 14, 2021
We don’t always take the same care and attention when it comes to our pets. Indeed, there is too often a sense that the passing of a beloved furry, feathered, or scaled companion is somehow less painful than a human one, and those who grieve are to be ridiculed. 
Not only are there definite signs of old age, but there are also certain problems that an old dog may have to face.
Your backyard should be a safe place for the family pet. However, sometimes it can be filled with things that can hurt your beloved animals. Before letting your pet roam free in the backyard, check for these hazards and get rid of them to keep your best animal friend safe.
Stress is a universal human experience and can be triggered by a lot of factors such as school, work, finances, personal relationships, and many more. But did you know that dogs can be stressed out too? In this blog, we’ll talk about how to spot signs that your dog is stressed and how you can use natural stress relievers to keep them calm.

Exercise Tips for Senior Dogs

By Casey Watts on Jun 20, 2021
Let’s look at some exercise tips for senior dogs to make them maintain an active lifestyle and a healthy life. Here are some of our favorite exercise tips to help your senior dog stay healthy and happy. 
Pets have become like family to us. Whether it is a dog, cat, bird, or any other pet-friendly domestic animal, they are an essential part of any family and should be treated as such. Because of the love you have for your pet, its health is always a significant concern since you would love to see it live for as long as you do.

Cat Eye Infection and Its Treatment

By Elyse Obron on May 28, 2021
Cats have striking and expressive eyes, wide open when they are excited and almost shut when they are happy or relaxed. They don’t just express their feelings with their eyes but they are also a good indicator of their health. 
As we approach summer, the weather is gradually getting hotter throughout the nation. While most people will happily embrace the warmer temperatures and the opportunity to spend time outdoors, the heat is not very friendly to your pets. In fact, it can be very dangerous for them.

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