The Lo-Down: Ailo's Hard at Work

By Deborah Feng on Jun 24, 2018
  Hello everyone! Missed me? If I've been a bit quiet lately, it's because I've gotten a full-time job. It's a really neat gig actually - the people at P.L.A.Y. have developed a range of catnip toys, and they needed a hardworking cat to ...

Ailo Returns

By Deborah Feng on Nov 20, 2017
  I'm back at last! Just in time for Thanksgiving! Prrrrrrrrrrrt! I've been very busy settling into my new home since you last heard from me. While I am sad to share that my cat tree got destroyed in the move, everything else has gone we...

The Lo-Down: Ailo's Dream Birthday

By Ailo the Cat on May 25, 2017
Announcement: I'm turning 6 on Saturday! I hope mommy and daddy have lots of nice surprises in store for me, because I sure know what I'm worth. In case they haven't figured it out, my dream birthday would be like this:      -Breakfa...

Have You Missed Meeeeee?

By Ailo the Cat on May 11, 2017
Hi everyone! Prrrrrrrrt! I do a-paw-logise for the absence of updates, but life has been so hectic since I last wrote. To cut a long story short, we sold our old home and moved in with grandma and grandpa during the winter. It's only t...
So, I was right about something being up. A couple of days after my last blog post, Mommy and Daddy put me in the cage and shipped me off to my grandparents, and then they disappeared. I was most displeased about being abandoned, but o...

The Lo-Down: Ailo has the Sixth Sense (Part I)

By Ailo the Cat on Oct 19, 2016
I feel it in my whiskers... I feel it in my toes... Something is definitely brewing in my house. Mommy and daddy are vibrating at strange frequencies. There are no obvious signs yet, like the cat carrier coming out, so maybe I'm just b...
And so the idolatry of cats continues. Except that this time, we're specifically celebrating ginger cats, also known as the best cats ever. I'm saying that not because I'm a ginger, but because it's true. Here's three reasons why ging...

The Lo-Down: International Cat Day

By Ailo the Cat on Jul 29, 2016
Happy International Cat Day! Yes, I know that all these cat holidays seem kinda excessive, but surely such amazing multi-faceted creatures as us deserve to have a million days dedicated to us? Never mind that our many faces are often mis...

The Lo-Down: Summertime Sadness

By Ailo the Cat on Jul 20, 2016
Hello! We're now halfway through the summer and I'm taking a quick break from lying in the sun to share an important message with you. While summer is traditionally awesome for you and for me, it's also a sad time of year for the hund...

Ailo Celebrates National Hug Your Cat Day

By Ailo the Cat on Jun 2, 2016
In case you can't tell from this photo, I am a cat whose needs are (mostly) satisfied. This was me receiving my morning cuddle from Mommy on Tuesday, June 2 - two days before the official National Hug Your Cat Day on June 4. That's rig...

Ailo Turns Five!

By Deborah Feng on May 25, 2016
  OMG, I'm 5 years old today! Five human years, that is. This in fact puts me in my mid-thirties, but I think it would be best to continue pretending that I'm still the baby of the family. (I think I just revealed how old mommy and daddy...

National Hairball Awareness Day

By Ailo on Apr 20, 2016
The thing that everyone likes about us cats is that we're independent creatures who know how to clean ourselves. However, what people don't realize is that we do in fact require grooming -- and the more regularly, the better. With the ...

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