Pet travel is one of the newest pet niches that has expanded recently. However, packing for a trip with your pet involves planning. Planning and packing essentials appropriate for the destination and length of your journey are for you and your pet.

Top 6 Ideas For An Amazing Dog-Friendly Day Trip

By Caitlin Merlino on Aug 19, 2022
There’s no better way to spend your time than with your furry best friend. Yet sometimes, you have to leave the house and go on adventures. Contrary to popular belief, there are many ideas and trips you can embark upon with your four-legged pal.
Whether it is a rainy day or a heatwave, you’re stuck in the house! Now what? Are you looking for entertaining indoor activities for your four-legged pal? Dogs need activities to do when they are cooped up inside, whether it be due to inclement weather or orders to stay at home. 
In this post, we’ll explore cat personalities in great detail. Plus, we’ll check out how you can pick a cat personality that goes well with your lifestyle. Let’s go!
If you want to bring a new pet into your home and family but still haven’t decided on a name, you might want to consider the following crystal-inspired names for cats and dogs.

15 Best Dog Breeds for Hiking

By Mikail Khan on Aug 7, 2022
If you're looking for a hiking buddy, you can't go wrong with a dog. Dogs are natural-born hikers and love spending time outdoors with humans. However, some dogs are better equipped for the rigors of the trail than others.
Starting a business and welcoming a pet will be the ultimate juggling act. But, with proper planning and help from those around you, the business will be up and running in no time, and you’ll develop a deep bond with your new companion. We will explore four strategies you can use to strike a balance between being an entrepreneur and a pet parent.
It’s no secret that there is a significant number of homeless animals in the U.S. One recent report found around 7.6 million animals enter shelters each year. Unfortunately, it’s also clear there aren’t enough shelters or places in shelters to cope with the demand. This makes pet foster parents a vital tool.
Our dogs love being outside, it’s why they get so excited when you reach for their leash or even whisper the word ‘walkies’ within earshot. That love of the outdoors is understandable, and our dogs certainly aren’t the only ones with a need to immerse themselves in nature.

Common Cat Urinary Issues

By Thomas P. Doyne on Jul 27, 2022
Cat owners are familiar with their cats' pee routines due to litterbox responsibility. Regularly cleaning the litter tray is an excellent approach to monitoring your pet's urinary system. Changes in your cat's litter box habits may signal a urinary system problem. But what exactly are cat urinary issues?

6 Reasons to Talk to Your Pets

By Marvin Morley on Jul 25, 2022
They might not understand every word you say, but they can hear you.
Dogs, like people, have emotional and physical demands, as well as feelings of jealousy. Dogs are more prone to jealousy than you would think. If not treated properly, jealousy in dogs can quickly escalate into aggressive behavior.

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