Rare Dog Breeds You May Never Have Heard Of

By Julia Robson on Jun 14, 2021
Today we’ll be taking a look at 8 such breeds, and hopefully you’ll be able to identify them if you ever come across them. You may even fall head over heels in love with one, and immediately start looking for a breeder.
Dogs have been man’s best friend for centuries. However, have they always looked the way we see them today? Well, like all other creatures, the environment has had a huge impact on their appearance. The changes have arisen from the environment as well as breeding habits by owners. Here is a look at how popular dog breeds have changed over a century.

Crate Training for Puppies and Dogs

By Priit Kallas on Jun 11, 2021
Crate training is a skill that involves placing dogs in a crate not as a place of imprisonment but instead as a place of rest. This is born out of the intention to teach these dogs to find a place with the said descriptions when they are feeling overwhelmed and even afraid of what is around them, including loud noises.
 Image Credit Welcome to the world of dogs who look like wolves. For a long time, the origin of the domestic dog and their link to the wolf has been steeped in mystery and is often a great source of debate. In fact, while we’ve made grea...
Who doesn’t dream of turning their favorite hobbies into a business venture? Who wouldn’t love to make a living doing something they truly enjoy? As a bonus, wouldn’t you be thrilled to have your furry friend by your side while you do it?

7 Tips For Enjoying A Road Trip With Your Dog

By Rebecca Gray on May 11, 2021
Traveling is fun and offers you great relaxation from the everyday chaos of your life. But, if you have a pet, you may feel like taking them with you. Is it a wise decision? While your dog may offer you companionship and love, an impromptu road trip with them is a disaster waiting to happen. For pet owners who wish to take their four-legged on a journey and make it wonderful, you need to follow some pointers. 

5 Ways to Teach Children About Animals

By Kara Masterson on May 3, 2021
Children and animals are both gifts to this world, and as a parent, you want your children to learn about and enjoy animals that they encounter. However, these encounters aren't always pleasant. Here are 5 ways to teach children about animals.
It’s in our nature to spoil our pets, and if there’s one thing that always goes over well with our pups it’s food! You don’t have to be content with what you can find at the local pet-themed big box store, however, instead you can create something right at home.

Good Dog Breeds for the Elderly

By Arslan Hassan on Apr 13, 2021
Dogs can be very beneficial to a persons health. Seniors are often more in need of exercise, companionship, and therapeutics than younger adults. Therefore, it makes sense for them to have a dog. Let's take a look at some of the best dog breeds for seniors! 

Awesome Ideas for Throwing a Cat Birthday Party

By Jasmine Anderson on Apr 9, 2021
Some pet parents go a long way to display affection to their little purring machines, which, sometimes, show affection towards them too! So, if you want to be extra about your kitty’s birthday, you should throw a party.
The key in advertising is to offer people something that will immediately draw their attention. For a large group of dog lovers, there’s nothing more immersive and attention-grabbing than a cute furry friend. Here are some of the best dog commercials in history and a couple of lessons you can learn from them.

Is Swimming Safe for Dogs?

By Mia Morales on Apr 5, 2021
Many people assume that dogs are natural swimmers. It is true for some dogs but not for others. Some breeds, such as retrievers and poodles, were developed specifically for wading into the water to fetch hunting prizes. However, swimming...

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