Crate Training for Puppies and Dogs

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Crate training is a skill that involves placing dogs in a crate not as a place of imprisonment but instead as a place of rest. This is born out of the intention to teach these dogs to find a place with the said descriptions when they are feeling overwhelmed and even afraid of what is around them, including loud noises. When a dog eats grass or chews on items, it may also harm its health. However, there are multiple things to consider when training your dogs to find their safe space.

The Incredibly Important Crate Size

Dogs come in many different shapes and sizes. While there are bigger breeds that exist all over the world, there are medium-sized and small-sized breeds as well. Knowing this, one must find an appropriately-sized crate for them to use for their pups. One should observe the size of the crate they are planning to buy because getting the size is the very first step of training them in this direction. A crate for the German Shepherd could never be for the regular Shih-Tzu because these dogs are very different sizes. Although the crate for a German Shepherd would fit a Shih-Tzu, it is still not recommended as this is still too big for them. Giving a dog an oversized crate is like placing them in a field where they could do anything they want, going against limiting them to only using the place for comfort. 

A (Really) Comfortable Space

When people would like to rest after a long day of work, they would always think of their homes, and specifically, their rooms. The rooms vary from person to person, as some would have simple rooms with while others have rooms filled with toys and posters of their favorite things in the world. For most men today, the perfect room would also include a TV with a gaming setup for a PlayStation or a PC where women prefer beautiful decorations in their places. These descriptions are not fixed as we know today of the varying preferences of different people. These are also not meant to reinforce stereotypes as well. They are examples showing that we make sure that our rooms are the most comfortable parts of our homes.

Knowing that dogs are much like their masters, they need a comfortable place to call their own, but luckily, they do not need as much as we do. To make a comfortable crate for dogs and puppies, one must find out what makes their dogs feel calm and comforted. One thing to include in their “rooms” would be blankets because these are a universal sign of comfort, and these always work best when it is time to take naps or lie down to rest. To reinforce their claim to the crate, one could also include their favorite toys that they may play with to keep them entertained and happy.

Consumable Motivation

Perhaps the universal sign of showing safety and comfort for your puppies or dogs would be anything relating to food or water. Another method for crate training your dogs would be feeding them inside their “rooms” and placing water as well. People who prefer to feed them outside of the crates could choose to give them treats as a reward for following their master’s wishes, and they would surely appreciate this gesture.

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How Are You Feeling?

This aspect of crate training dogs and puppies is probably the most forgotten. This is because they do not monitor them as closely as they should. Some would complain that their dogs are always restless when they enter their crates and that they would never stop running around in circles until they are released. At this point, owners should be experimental in their approach. It would be a good idea to close their doors and spend time near the areas where they may sense one is nearby. This should not be too long as ten minutes may already be enough at this time, but in regards to long periods spent inside, one should consider leaving the area. This is to train them that the space they are in is theirs to rest and relax.

There are cases where their dogs can recognize their cozy home, but sometimes they choose to circle restlessly. People may think that their method is not working, but this is not their fault. In most of these cases, their dogs need to relieve themselves, and they actively know that they should not go to the “bathroom” in the area. In other cases, their pups just want to run around and play with their masters to develop their motor skills and get to know their masters a lot better. This is not only a coping mechanism for them but to develop a relationship of love and companionship instead of one consisting of only rules and commands.

Dogs are social beings, and they love to play and have fun with their masters as well

Training dogs for anything that their master would want them to learn is similar to teaching a human being to learn a skill. These things will take time, and probably even more time than teaching people, but we must learn to be persistent with these things. Being man’s best friend, all they would want is to show how much they love their masters, and this is a statement that has been thrown around for the longest time because it is true. The only thing they ask of them is patience and persistence because both of them will eventually get to their goal.

About the Author:

Priit is a life-long dog lover. He has lived with several dogs and some cats. At the moment, he takes care of two Chihuahuas, one of which is an eight-time European Champion in chihuahuaness. Priit considers the well-being of our pets one of the most important responsibilities. He’s researching pet products for the All Pet’s Life website to give you the best advice to make your pet’s life as good as possible.

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