7 Tips For Enjoying A Road Trip With Your Dog

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Traveling is fun and offers you great relaxation from the everyday chaos of your life. But, if you have a pet, you may feel like taking them with you. Is it a wise decision? While your dog may offer you companionship and love, an impromptu road trip with them is a disaster waiting to happen. For pet owners who wish to take their four-legged on a journey and make it wonderful, you need to follow some pointers. It will eliminate the stress associated with taking your dog on the trip. So, here seven essential tips that will come handily.

1. Keep Your Dog Safe During The Road Trip

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While you focus on the road, your dog will feel roaming or distract you with its antics. Allowing them to roam freely inside the car is not safe for both of you. It increases the risk of accidents and harm. To improve your pet’s comfort and safety, think about getting a carrier. It is a good option when you have a small dog. Larger dogs may not fit inside a carrier. Hence, you must restrain them by attaching the seat belts with their harnesses. Leaving them on the bed of your car or truck is not a good idea. You may wonder how you can place a carrier or give them space when you have no room inside the vehicle due to packing the essentials for the trip? A simple solution in the form of roof rack installation will give you enough space for your luggage.

2. Mock Practice Ahead Of Time

Plan the trip to give you the time to prepare your dog for the journey. You need to practice traveling as it helps your dog get comfortable with the idea of traveling in a car. You can make them travel-ready with the following:

●  Make The Environment Familiar

To make your dog’s first experience inside a car positive, you need to make them familiar with the interior. One of the best methods to achieve it is by placing their favorite toys. Are you planning to put your dog in a carrier? Then, it is the right time to practice it.

●  Easing Them For Car Travel

Once your dog feels comfortable inside the car, make short trips. You may want to start low and gradually increase the duration of the trip to help your pet adapt to road trips. You can make them feel good about these trips by offering them a treat or visiting a fun destination such as Dog Park.

3. Give Them Breaks

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Traveling without a break can make your dog antsy. They need breaks for answering nature’s call. While your dog may feel like a good companion, they can also feel sick of sitting inside the car for long. Taking a break can also give you a chance to stretch your legs. You can adjust their feeding time accordingly for a smoother road trip.

4. Plan And Book In Advance

You need to plan the trip to the last detail meticulously before taking your dog. It is essential to fix the route of your travel along with the breaks you may take. Also, research the accommodation and book in a pet-friendly place. Driving for long hours and reaching a hotel only to realize they do not allow pets can add stress. So, research regarding the place you plan to stay. Check the reviews to know more regarding the property’s pet policy. Find out if they have any restrictions in place for a specific breed or weight. So, take time to learn about it by calling the information desk or reception of the hotel as they will offer up-to-date information.

5. Pack A Pet-Specific Kit For Travel

Like you have packed luggage for the journey, you need to fill your dog’s supply for the road trip. Include all the essentials required for your dog, such as:

  • Food
  • Leash
  • Bowl
  • Medications
  • Collar
  • Water
  • Litterbox
  • Toys
  • Waste bags
  • Potty pads

Taking all the necessary items during the trip can make them feel at ease. Make sure you have enough items that you cannot find easily on the trip.

6. Prepare For Emergencies

During the road trip, anything unexpected can happen. While we always think positive and hope nothing terrible will happen, it is good to prepare to face such challenges. You need to update your dog’s identification or microchip information. It is helpful when your pets become separated from you. You can also consider having a GPS tracker to locate your dog when they run off or get lost. Before the trip, make sure your dog’s vaccination is up-to-date. Get an appointment with the veterinarian to retrieve the medical records. It is essential when your dog develops sudden health issues during the trip.

7. Expend Energy Before Trip

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Sitting inside a car for a long time may not spend your dog’s energy. It makes them restless and cranky. Therefore, before the trip, make your dog break a sweat. Take them for a walk or play the fetching game with them to spend the energy and help them get rid of their nerves. Help them tire out before the journey can ease stress linked to road travel.


Road trips with your best companion will become memorable when you plan. By following the tips suggested, you and your dog can enjoy the journey and make memories lasting a lifetime. With good preparation, eliminate unnecessary hassles and have lots of fun.

About The Author:

Rebecca Grey is a passionate writer & guest blogger. Writing helps her to improve her knowledge, skills & understanding about the specific industry. She loves writing & sharing her knowledge mostly in the Travelling Industry. She believes travelling is the key to a peaceful life & wants to spread her belief across the world. Apart from writing, she loves Traveling and Reading.


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