How the 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in the World Have Changed in 100 Years

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Dogs have been man’s best friend for centuries. However, have they always looked the way we see them today? Well, like all other creatures, the environment has had a huge impact on their appearance. The changes have arisen from the environment as well as breeding habits by owners. Here is a look at how popular dog breeds have changed over a century.

1. English Bulldog

It is one of the most loved pet dogs because of its temperament and size. Coming from the wild, it has become calmer but also stockier. What it lost in terms of muscles, the English bulldog has compensated with fat. The chubby feel makes it a darling for most people.

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2. Basset Hound

The short stature makes it a favorite for many homes. It also has an innocent face enhanced by its large falling ears. Over 100 years, the dog has grown shorter. The short legs have made the ears to appear longer. As it stays indoors, the dog has become stockier and less aggressive. The additional weight also means that the skin has more folds.

3. Boxer

The dog is a hunter variety. It is an athlete that maintained a slim body in the wild and when domesticated in ranches. The snout is shorter but it has an aggressive character. The short and upturned face is now friendlier. Further, it has grown shorter and less active because of living indoors.

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4. Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier has fox-like snout for digging rodents and termites. It is a medium sized athletic variety. Because of its size and engaging character, it has found its way in many homes. It also comes in bright colors that make it a lovely addition to any home. Since it cannot run after rodents on compounds or ranches, it has become stockier and shorter. Limited playing space also means that it is less active. However, it does not skip any chance to engage.

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5. West Highland White Terrier

It is one of the most common pet dogs around the world. It is small in size, playful, and has gotten fluffy. It has the most timid look and an even more alluring innocent face. 100 years later, the West Highland White Terrier looks more like a doll than a dog

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6. Doberman Pinscher

The size and stature tell you that you are dealing with a grassland hunter. It can leap fits up in the sky, giving you the perfect play partner. As a hunter, it was aggressive and restless. Today, the Doberman Pinscher is ever alert but not as active as their descendants 100 years ago. It is no longer the athlete that lived 100 years ago. Lying around has caused the dog to add more weight.

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7.Irish Setter

Irish Setter is best described as a fluffy hunter. It has the body of a hunting dog but the lower body is full of fur. The body only appears to have become thinner and the fur thicker. It loves company and will love a compound where it can play. While it runs fast, it is not a gifted jumper.

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8. German Shepherd

 The German shepherd is a natural hunter package with the energy of dynamite. Even today, it remains a favorite for the most athletic canine lovers. Over the years, the German Shepherd has added weight and become flurry. It remains a calm and calculative attacker. It is the perfect definition of a calculative hunter.

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9. Saluki

The saluki is a high and long jumper in one package. A hundred years ago, it was a hunter that could drag prey from trees. It remains a long-thin canine today. Years of living in homes seem to have left it thinner and taller. It has also taken the time to grow longer fur around the ears and tail.

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10. Airedale Terrier

Airedale Terrier appears not to have changed much over the last 100 years. However, you cannot significant fur around the face and legs. Such changes are attributed to more time spent indoor yet its natural habitat is cold. It now looks like a cozy companion in the old trousers of the 1970s. 100 years is a lot of time for a pet that has increasingly become a part of many households. Generally, the dog has grown more fur and added weight. It has also gotten calmer, making it an easier companion, especially in homes with children.


About the Author:

Timothy Miller is a remote work enthusiast. He has written on numerous subjects over the years, including how pets enhance the quality of your life. Today, he shares his experience and insights with students at as well as enthusiastic followers from around the world.

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