10 Common Cat Breeds to Adopt

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The International Cat Association recognizes 71 breeds. In contrast, the Cat Fanciers Association recognizes only 42 pedigree breeds of cats. How many breeds of cats do you know?

Some of us cat lovers are fond of rare cat breeds, while others are fond of grey cat breeds. Yet others love to adopt a cat from one of the most common breeds. The reasons behind bringing home a common cat breed abound. For instance, it is convenient for owners to cater to their needs—food, healthcare, and training—as they are readily available.

In today’s article, we will discuss the 10 most common cat breeds for you to choose a feline fella from.

1. Persian

On top of the list, we have Persian cats.

Persian cats, often known as Iranian cats or Shiraz cats (named for a city in Iran), have lovely, long fur coats. Cats of this species can be found in practically every color, and they have flat faces compared to other cat breeds. Persian cats have been featured in countless movies, artworks, and advertising for decades. Their coats require frequent grooming to prevent matting. A range of ailments, including renal and cardiac disorders, can affect purebreds.

 2. Ragdoll 

Because of their docile nature, Ragdoll cats receive their name. When taken up, they tend to fall limp, like a rag doll. A time was when it was believed that people could not experience pain. In appearance, Ragdolls are similar to Siamese cats with long hair and pointed color patterns. Blue eyes and a dog-like personality make them stand out in the crowd.

Ragdoll cats are large and fluffy. The face, legs, tail, and ears of cats of pointed breeds are dark in contrast to their lighter-colored bodies. Their blue eyes, however, are a unique feature, regardless of their modest variations in coloration.

3. Abyssinian

Original to Ethiopia (formerly Abyssinia), Abyssinian cats are distinguished by their ruddy agouti coats, which give them a characteristic banded appearance. You'll see that it has pointed ears and a wedge-shaped head. It also has an athletic body. Abys are lively, curious cats who follow their owners around a lot. As a result of their playful, dog-like behavior, they are quite popular among their owners.

After hundreds, ages later, the Abyssinian, one of the world's oldest cat breeds, retains its exquisite elegance, best recognized for its sumptuous coloration, lithe bodies, and long ears. 

4. Exotic

They are closely related to their Persian parent, but the Exotic breed is more popular, probably because of its low-maintenance. These cats require minimal maintenance to keep them looking and feeling their best.

5. Devon Rex

Their short, curly hair and slim bodies with large ears make them look like Devon rex cats. Described as "a monkey in catsuit," the Devon rex cat is playful and active. A vivacious, sweet-natured cat, this one will steal your heart! In addition, they may be trained and are skilled at learning tricks.

This lively breed thrives when socializing with people, other dogs, or toys, so make sure to give a stimulating environment and don't leave them alone for long periods of time.

6. American Shorthair

The American shorthair cat is an intelligent shorthair feline with a round face and short ears that is an all-American breed. They are frequently mistaken for domestic mixed-breed cats, yet they are purebred. In 1966, the name of the breed was altered to distinguish it from domestic shorthair cats. The friendly demeanor of this medium-sized cat makes it an excellent companion for families with children or other pets. The American shorthair is one of North America's most popular pedigreed cat breeds.

The Mayflower's superb mouser, the American shorthair, is supposed to have arrived in America during the legendary journey, quickly gaining popularity due to their ability to repel rats and other pests. Despite their background as hunters, they are still a popular cat breed for households all over the world and are renowned for being affectionate, lovable pets.

7. Himalayan

The Himalayan cat, like the Persian, is classified as a sub-breed in some cat organizations and a separate breed in others. To obtain their color points, Himalayans were created by crossing Persians and Siamese. They enjoy receiving attention and affection from their owners, and they are playful.

8. Bengal

The marbled coat of a Bengal is its most distinguishing trait, yet it's also incredibly supple and muscular. Bengals are often lively and playful in a kitten-like manner, even at an older age, despite the fact that all cats within the breed have varied personalities. They require pet parents who will keep them occupied and interested, as well as tolerance for a cat who may require a more stimulating, enriched environment in order to thrive.

9. Bombay

The appearance of Bombay cats is very similar to that of a panther. In the 1950s, they were created by crossing a domestic shorthair cat with a Burmese cat. Breeders in the United States intended to create a cat with the body type of a Burmese but with a black coat and copper eyes. The Cat Fanciers' Association eventually acknowledged the new breed in the 1970s, and while it isn't the most popular, it retains a dedicated following.

Many Bombays enjoy being petted and played with frequently, making them ideal companions for active pet parents.

10. Russian Blue

Russian Blue cats have short, silky coats that are dark grey or silver in color. They have a few weak stripes but no other patterns. Russian Blues have double coats, which give them a velvety appearance despite their fragile frames. Their eyes are usually yellow-green, and they have a unique "smile" on their face.

Russian Blues are typically quiet and will seek out a nice spot to sleep, but they are gregarious with their family. They can be the sort to withdraw from huge groups of people.

Which of the common cat breeds did you love the most?

A fun fact about cats: They are not color blind, as many of us think!

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