Puppy Party: 3 Genius Gift Ideas To Celebrate Your Friend's Furbaby

Whether it's to celebrate a new puppy or a holiday, there's always a time to give a gift to a friend who has a dog. You can order items online to give to the dog, or you can gather a few small items to make a basket of goodies that the dog will enjoy. Think about the age of the dog and the gender as well when you're putting together a gift. Puppies might enjoy chew toys and a new bed where an older dog might like treats or a new water bowl instead. Try to make the gift pet-friendly for opening instead of letting the owner do all the work. This will make it seem more like the gift is for the dog instead of items that are given to your friend to provide care for the pet.


When you don't want to give just one thing to your friend for the fur baby, then get several items to make a basket. One way that you can start making the basket is to use a bed as the base. Consider the size of the dog when selecting the bed to use. There are new beds on the market that are more like bean bag chairs and provide more comfort, especially for older dogs that might not be able to get around as easily as a puppy. Add bones, toys, and treats on top of the bed. When everything is in place, wrap clear plastic or a clear gift bag around the bed and treats. Tie a bow to the top before delivering the goodies to your friend.

Cleaning Supplies

While this might not be the traditional gift for a dog, your friend will likely thank you for getting cleaning supplies. These don't have to include bleach or disinfectant spray. The supplies that you give could include everything from dog pads for potty training inside to mats that can be placed on the floor underneath food and water bowls. You could also get tools that are used with cleaning equipment, such as a central vacuum hose, that will make it easier to remove dirt from the floor. A carpet shampooer is also an idea to consider if the dog will stay inside most of the time. One thing that you want to include with the cleaning supplies is air freshener of some kind. Try to get a scent that your friend will enjoy and that will mask the odor of the dog inside the home. Another idea if you want to give cleaning supplies would be small bags that your friend can use when walking so that any accidents can be picked up off the ground instead of left for someone else.


There are a few companies that will send boxes of toys and treats to your friend each month when you pay for a subscription. Each month features something different and usually includes items that are related to a theme, such as a pumpkin pie toy for November or a watermelon toy in June. You can purchase a subscription for a few months or a year depending on how much you want to pay at one time. If this is the kind of gift that you want to give, then make sure your friend knows when the subscription will end and how much it would be to renew or continue the subscription.

Shopping for a dog can be fun and exciting. Dogs are often easier to shop for than people because there are several ideas to choose from, such as beds or toys. When you're looking for a gift, keep in mind the age of the dog as you want to get something appropriate.

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