Looking for Tail-Wagging Fun? Dog-Themed Games for the Entire Family

Marek Prygiel

For people of any age, a dog can easily work its way into a person’s heart and become their best friend. Whether or not you have a family dog, it is no secret that these furry friends can instantly boost your mood and bring joy to people young and old. Lately, it seems that owning a dog has become trendy, as many hotspots like doggy spas, pet parks, and dog boutiques are popping up in cities everywhere.

If you are on the fence about owning your own dog due to the heightened expenses of dog care, allergies to dog fur, or the amount of time needed to care for a pet, there are other ways to feed the family’s obsession with canines. Many video games, board games, and card games are available online or at your local toy store that can feed anyone’s interest and love of dogs. Buying a dog-themed game for pet lovers can teach children about dog care and breeds, all while being a fun way for the whole family to enjoy these furry friends.

Doggie Games for Little Tykes

Buying a dog-themed game for toddlers is a surefire way to feed or fuel their love of pets. This is also a great method to introduce children at a young age to the responsibilities that come with owning a dog. While there are many ways that dogs can benefit a child’s well-being, playing a dog-themed game can also lead to a child’s learning development and happiness.

Two games in particular by the company 'Educational Insights' are great options for toddlers and can be played together by the whole family. Shelby’s Snack Shack Game and Diggity Dogs Game are simple enough for little tykes and encourage strategy, counting, and techniques for caring for pets. Toddlers will be able to nurture their love of dogs while learning a thing or two about responsibility and the needs of pets.

Taking Care of Dogs On-Screen

In our modern day, children spend much of their free time on screens. With many schools transitioning to technology for homework assignments and with much social interaction taking place online, it only makes sense that children feel the need to have their own devices to engage in these activities. So why not fulfill your little pet-lover’s desire to care for a furry friend by purchasing a dog-themed game that they can play on their favorite handheld device?

One fantastic option for on-screen canine fun is Dogz for Nintendo DS. In this game, your child will adopt puppy from a pet store and learn to care for it in their virtual home. In the setting, your child can use the microphone on the Nintendo DS to teach the puppy its name, tricks, and other commands. Really, the game is much like having your own dog—your pup requires walks, visits to the vet, and regular feeding. Whether or not your family owns a dog, this game will prepare your child to care for a real-life pet and learn how to be responsible for an animal’s needs.

Another option for the Nintendo DS is the game Nintendogs Dachshund and Friends. This particular game is an updated version of the classic Nintendogs game, featuring new dog breeds like golden retrievers, beagles, pugs, huskies, and the beloved miniature dachshunds. Just like Dogz, this game allows the player to train their on-screen furry friend from its youngest days as a puppy to its oldest days as a mature dog. Additionally, the game features a reward system, where competing in obedience and agility trials can lead to the option of purchasing other puppies. The game can teach a child about the variety of dog breeds  and the importance of training a pet.

Fun for the Whole Family

Board games are also a great way to feed any family member’s love of dogs. There are many dog-themed board games on the market today, and some can even teach children valuable lessons in animal care. For animal lovers, these board games will become the new favorite way to have fun with the whole family, and can promote togetherness and interaction as well.

Some family-friendly board games for dog lovers include:

The Game of Life ‘It’s a Dog’s Life’ edition – This game takes a fun spin on the classic Game of Life, replacing the typical human events with doggie events. By accepting a career as a police dog, adding family members as puppies, and getting fined for sleeping in human beds, this game encourages reading, money management, and overall fun.

- Fur-Ever Home: The Animal Rescue Game – The main message to be learned from this game is compassion towards animals. By running and managing an animal rescue, your family will recognize the importance of adoption and finding loving homes for all animala.

- Sequence ‘Dogs’ Game – This game is the same as the classic Sequence strategy game, but the cards include pictures of furry friends alongside interesting facts about the breed.

- Dog Bingo Board Game – With this unique game board, which features 42 different dog breeds, the family can learn the names of a variety of canines and practice reading the different names. Before long, you will all be sharing and picking favorites!

No matter if you own a family dog or you are simply a dog-lover, you can inspire a love of furry friends with an entertaining board game, video game, or card game that the entire family can enjoy together. By playing these games, children and parents can learn the importance of caring for a pet and all of the fun activities that come along with having a dog. 

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