Natural Remedies for Dogs with Arthritis

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Have you noticed your dog experiencing difficulty waking up or walking for quite some time now? If yes, there’s a higher possibility that your dog has arthritis.

As your dog grows older, the cartilage on the surface of its joints gets thinner, making it prone to developing into arthritis. It is common among the older and bigger breed of dogs and canines who suffer from this condition to feel severe pain when moving around.

Arthritis in dogs is a debilitating and progressive condition with no known cure. However, home remedies for arthritis in dogs can help relieve pain.

Early Signs of Arthritis in Dogs

Canine arthritis is a common condition among our furry best friends. In data collected from Healthcanal, almost twenty percent of dogs will be affected in their lifetime, and the problem isn’t only applicable to older dogs.

Certain breeds of dogs, those with short legs, such as Corgi, and those with large sizes, like Great Dane, can also contribute to the factors that can develop arthritis. Aside from this, frequent injuries, like fractures or ruptured ligaments, can increase the chances of damaging your dog’s joints.

Meanwhile, genetics also play a vital role in the likelihood of becoming arthritic dogs because of the body structure. As pet owners, you want to manage your dog’s pain, so you’re looking for natural pain relief for dogs to decrease pain in inflamed joints.

But before we go into that, here are the early signs and symptoms that your dogs develop arthritis:

  • Trouble getting up or laying down
  • Limping
  • Lethargic movement
  • Sudden weight gain
  • Irritable and behavior changes
  • Loss of energy
  • Pain of the affected joints

If your dog manifests any of these signs, bring your dog to the nearest vet to get pain medications or consult a holistic veterinarian to use alternative veterinary medicine and natural treatments to manage dog arthritis.

You can do these natural remedies to reduce pain in the dog’s joints at home.

5 Natural Remedies for Arthritis in Dogs

Unfortunately, as of today, there's no cure for canine arthritis. However, you can do many natural remedies to manage arthritis, which you can incorporate into your dog arthritis treatment.

Use CBD Oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical compound found in medical marijuana that possesses anti-inflammatory properties. It is effective in pain management, such as joint inflammation, and treats other conditions like seizures and anxiety.

Some researchers have reported that CBD oil can offer pain relief to manage arthritis pain if given twice daily with incorrect dosing.

Try Natural Herbs

As pet parents, you may resort to natural treatments, including herbs and supplements, to improve your dog's joint health.

  • Yucca root powder: Yucca contains compounds that can help treat arthritis in dogs. It is rich in vitamins and minerals that can promote the passage of nutrients in your dog's digestive tract to improve joint mobility in aging dogs.
  • Comfrey: It has an anti-inflammatory agent that can be used for dog arthritis pain relief. It is available as dried herbs in food stores and is safe to use for dogs as supplements.
  • Turmeric: One of the ancient Indian herbs is turmeric. It is rich in antioxidants that can help improve joint function. Based on your dog's body weight, the appropriate dose of turmeric powder is 0.5 to 1 teaspoon.

Give physical therapy

Another great way to manage dog arthritis is through physical therapy. Therapeutic exercises can strengthen your dog's muscles, increase blood flow, and improve mobility. It's a big help for dogs struggling with developmental disorders, such as arthritis and other degenerative joint diseases.

You can also do human massage therapy, such as giving gentle massages and stretching. This massage therapy can help relax the muscles and improve flexibility.

Introduce acupuncture treatment

You can also try acupuncture as one of the natural remedies for dogs. During this procedure, it can stimulate nerve pathways by using needles placed in specific locations in your dog's body. Doing so can improve blood flow and ease inflamed muscles, allowing your dog to manage arthritis pain easily.

Feed your dog a healthy diet

Your dog's diet is also crucial in dog arthritis and weight management. Hence, feed your dog a proper diet with Omega-3s fatty acids. However, make sure that your dog has no allergies to foods rich in Omega-3, including salmon, tuna, mackerel, and flaxseed.

How to Prevent Joint Pain in Dogs

Arthritis in a dog isn't always preventable because it can be inherited or as your dog age. It can all lead to arthritis regardless of care; however, there are things that you can do to slow down the progress or impact of this condition on your dog.

Maintain a healthy weight

Your dog's weight can affect their joints, so if your furry friend is overweight, the joints are put under so much stress that it can worsen arthritis. Hence, get rid of the extra weight by incorporating a healthy diet and exercise into your dog's routine.

Use ramps or dog stairs wherever possible

Dogs with shorter legs will find getting up the stairs, off the couch, or bed challenging. Every time your dog lands on a hard surface, like the floor, its joint will absorb all the impact. If your dog has an active lifestyle, it will be at risk of developing arthritis over the years. The cartilage that protects the joints wears down, and the joints will begin to rub against each other.

Therefore, use ramps or dog stairs whenever and wherever needed. In addition, placing rugs on slippery floors will help your dog stand much steadier on their legs.

Make your home pet-friendly

As pet parents, making adjustments to your home that can help support your dog's joints and bones is a great way to slow down the progression of joint pains. You may provide them with a warm, orthopedic dog bed to sleep in. It also helps if you place your dog's meals and water bowls in areas that can be easily accessed.

Have a regular check-up with your vet

Your vet may prescribe dietary supplements that can help to strengthen your dog's bones. They may prepare a diet plan for your dog if it's overweight. Hence, having a regular consultation with your vet can keep you updated on your dog's health. It can easily detect something wrong with your pet, then provide you treatment.


Although arthritis can’t be fully treated, there are several ways you can do to manage the discomfort and pain of your dog. You can also follow some tips on preventing or slowing down joint pains because it’s inevitable, and we can’t stop our dogs from aging.

In addition to these solutions, you may consider getting pet insurance to keep your dog protected and your wallet from vet expenses.



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