Tips for Keeping Your Pets Entertained When It Is Hot Outside

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Summer often means pop-up thunderstorms, humid days, and extreme heat. This isn’t a great combination when it comes to outside fun for people or pets. While you may want to keep your four-legged friends indoors to help prevent them from getting too hot, they may also become a bit bored at times.

If you must venture outdoors, be sure to set up sprinklers, take time to rest in the shade, or let your pup take a dip in the pool. If you don’t have a pool, speak to pool financing companies about this purchase, as this is a great hot-weather activity for people and pets.

Besides staying cool while outdoors, there are some ways to keep everyone entertained inside. Keep reading for some hot-weather activities you and your pet will enjoy.

Create a Scavenger Hunt for Your Pup

You can create simple games for your pup to keep them happy and active. One example is a game of “canine detective.” With this activity, you are putting your pup’s nose in action. You can create a scavenger hunt with treats or cut-up carrots. Place them throughout the house, and then let your pup “sniff” them out.

Cat Climbing Towers

If you have a cat, you know climbing is one of their favorite activities. Getting a cat tree with different niches and cubbies is a great way to keep your cat entertained and active. You can even find options with toy attachments, which provide your cat the opportunity to pounce, stalk, and bat at things.

Use the Stairs

Is your dog trained to walk with you? If so, you can help them get a great workout with steps. The stairs offer the same level of exercise that a fast walk or jog would and will help your dog et some of their energy out, which makes staying indoors more bearable for everyone.

Teach Your Dog New Tricks

As a dog owner, you know how much your pup wants to please you. One way you can strengthen this bond is by teaching your dog a new trick. Not only that, but it provides your pup with a bit of mental enrichment, which is quite beneficial to their well-being.

Purchase New Toys

Does your pet love toys? Are some of their current ones old and gross? If so, try changing things up. You can purchase new toys and games that offer your pet mental stimulation and that encourage interaction. This will give them something new and fun to do on hot days when they are stuck indoors.  

Groom Your Pet

On a hot and humid day, you can help your pet remain cool and clean by grooming them. You can also set up an appointment with the professionals for a true “pet spa day.”

Play Catch

No matter what you have heard in the past, you can play fetch indoors. Make sure you move any breakables out of the way and get a soft, spongy ball that won’t cause damage if it hits something. This is an activity that can keep you and your pet entertained for hours.

Practice New Skills

Have you been trying to learn a new skill or concept, such as basic commands or crate training? If so, you can spend some of your time indoors working on these. It’s the perfect opportunity to remind your pet what they have learned.

Host a Party for Your Pet

Does your pet have friends? Or do you have friends with pets? In either case, why not invite a few over for a party. Your pet will get the chance to socialize, and so will you – it’s a win-win scenario.

Being stuck indoors during a hot, humid summer day is no fun for anyone. While this is true, there are some fun activities for your pet that you can use to keep them happy, active, and entertained. Chances are you will have fun with these ideas and increase the bond between you and your pet.

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