6 Must-Have Cleaning Products for Pet Owners

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We love our pets! But as much as we love them, they can often make a mess at our home. From all those accidents in the carpet, shedding, and how they love playing in the dirt or mud, it is likely that cleaning after them will be a regular thing.

Do not fret, though, as there are tons of cleaning products available in the market to make being a pet parent manageable.

So, please take a look at our recommended must-have cleaning products to keep your home spotless in no time!

1. Fur Remover

There's absolutely one aspect that every pet parent absolutely couldn't do without, and that is shedding.

All that pet hair and dander not only causes an allergic reaction but can get in your beddings, clothing, carpets, and the like. Worse, it's difficult to remove pet hairs with just regular sponge cleaning sessions.

To solve this hairy issue, you need to have the right fur removal tool at your disposal. The right fur remover tool can be handy in cleaning furniture and other surfaces!

Your fur remover broom will collect all those shredded hair into a huge collective pile.

2. Robot Vacuum

A robotic vacuum can get your space spotlessly clean in no time by dramatically cutting off the time you'll spend vacuuming.

The most efficient robotic vacuum cleaners are programmable. Thus, making it easy for it to get to the tightest spots or corners in your home that you might have otherwise missed during cleaning.

Not only are these gadgets handy and practical, but they're also convenient to use. That's because you can easily control them via voice assistants or apps.

Having these innovative gadgets reduce the stress of cleaning after your furry pets while giving you more spare time to do other things.

3. Lint Rollers

We get you; cleaning up after your pet's hair can be sometimes frustrating. That's why at Cleaning Exec House Cleaning NYC, we recommend having a lint roller on hand.

Fortunately, you can buy these rollers in the market and pet stores. And this could come in handy whether your fur baby has long or short strands.

As such, using lint rollers can reduce the amount of airborne pet hair at home. It's also a lot easier to keep your clothes and furniture tidy when doing deep cleans. Just note that when purchasing a lint brush, the key is to find one that suits your needs. 

If one of your primary concerns is hair getting into your clothes, opt for a classic sticky sheet roller. But if pet hair has become a widespread issue at home, you might consider getting a reusable lint roller instead. This de-fuzzes your clothes and furniture regularly.

The size of the brush is another thing you should consider. For instance, if you're planning to clean the entire living room, then it makes sense that you opt for a larger-sized lint roller.

4. Baking Soda

As a natural cleaner and deodorizer, it makes sense to have baking soda handy. It would be a great option if you wanted to avoid using cleaning products that may contain potentially toxic ingredients.

That's because baking soda doesn't contain harmful chemicals and doesn't pose any danger to pets or kids. What's important is that you don't ingest it in large amounts.

Still, it pays that you check with your vet first before you use baking soda on your pet. You might consider doing a spot test first when you use baking soda to clean your carpet and other furniture at home.

5. Pet Stain Remover

A pet stain remover will remove any stain from your carpets or rugs as long as you clean carefully around your pets.

Do you know that many cleaning agents can be toxic to dogs and cats?

Most of these cleaners may contain bleach, formaldehyde, or isopropyl alcohol that can be toxic to pets when ingested. So, make sure that you opt for non-toxic cleaning products instead.

6. Disinfectant Wipes

Bathing your pet can take up a lot of your time and be quite stressful. That's the reason why disinfectant wipes can be a lifesaver for many pet owners.

For instance, this allows you to clean up a dirty dog conveniently, removes dirt from their paws, or goop in their eyes.

Some wipes are available in the market that eliminates any unpleasant odors that your pet might have picked up from playing.

Final Thoughts

We know that keeping a clean house, especially if you have pets, isn't easy. Nonetheless, it is something that you should be diligent about if you want to have happy and healthy pets.

In fact, it's only natural to have plenty of cleaning days ahead. Accidents can happen. Plus, paw prints and pet hair are lying around.

But despite that extra stink, hair, and slobber pets can sometimes bring into our lives, we know that it's all worth it in the end. What's important is that you have the right tools and products to help clean up the mess!

About the Author:

Andrew is an NY-based writer who covers DIY and house cleaning NYC projects. When not writing, he jogs in Manhattan Central Park with his rescue dogs, Jet and Rocket.

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