6 Ways to Stay Safe While Walking Your Dog

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New pup owners may find the outdoor time a bit challenging. It’s difficult to keep your pal under control when he’s all taken by feelings of excitement, anxiety, and even fear. Some dogs get hyper to an extent that they jump into dangerous situations or pull you into risky scenarios. You may have to deal with potentially harmful situations all on your own.

To maximize your safety, we’ll be listing six ways to stay while walking your dog. Note that these will particularly help newer dog owners. But it may come in handy for experienced dog owners since we’ve included recently introduced tech solutions. So, give it a keen read!

Use a Leash to Stay in Control

Perhaps, the most basic and effective approach to leading a safe walk with your four-legged friend is to keep him under your control. You can do that by using a harness or a leash.

A leash basically comprises a flat strip of collar that fits well around your dog’s neck. It’s connected with a rope or a similar material that gives you control. Experts recommend using a leash to train younger pups. However, a leash can be challenging for older dogs because it may require strength to pull the dog away or towards something. It also stresses your dog’s neck.

So, for bigger dogs, we recommend using a harness. A harness is dog controlling equipment that comprises a strap that fits well around your dog’s torso. It’s easier to control your dog this way. It requires less strength from your end and gives complete control of your dog’s walk to your hands.

Teach Basic Dog Commands to Your Pup

The best way to stay safe while walking a dog is to walk with a well-trained dog. Ideally, you shouldn’t be worried about your safety when walking beside your canine pal. You should only worry about any potential external dangers such as traffic, weather, etc.

To make this possible, you can teach some basic commands to your dog from a young age. These include:

  • No
  • Sit
  • Come 
  • Stay
  • Walk on Leash
  • Do Not Bite
  • Do Not Bark
  • Drop it

You can teach these dog commands to your furry pal using the linked guide. It’s simple, easy, and super effective. Note that young dogs are much easier to train as compared to older dogs. But it’s not impossible to teach an adult dog some good manners. Just put in the effort!

Use Dog Training Apps 

In case you haven’t realized yet, bringing up a dog is a full-time responsibility. It is similar to bringing up a kid. You cannot expect your dog to be all friendly and trained with only the ten basic commands above or minimal input from your end. They need your love, care, and guidance on a routine basis.

We know it’s difficult for you to dedicate hours to dog training too. So, we recommend using dog training apps. They can save you the cost of hiring a professional dog trainer and save time on your end (you won’t have to brainstorm and come up with ideas!). With these, you can tame and train your dog quickly and effectively!

Pack Water & Other Necessities

Your dog may lose if it’s very thirsty, hungry, or bored. And that’s particularly true if you’ve only recently adopted it.

So, make sure you pack water, treats, and a few toys as you head out for a walk. It will help you distract your dog in times of need and also keep your dog calm.

Use a Flashlight at Night

Walking out late at night with your dog on pitch-black streets is not a good idea. You may sign up yourself or your dog for trouble. There may be ditches you didn’t see, puddles that may cause falls, or untamed wild dogs on the loose. At times, even motorcycles or cars may even take you by surprise, and you or your dog might possibly get hit.

Henceforth, we recommend carrying a flashlight. Whether you’ll be walking in a well-lit area or a dimly lit area, always carry a flashlight when heading out with your dog at nighttime.

Be Careful When Approaching Other Dogs

Generally, dogs are playful and curious. However, some dogs may not welcome interaction until they’re comfortable. This is especially true when dogs are caught up with fear and anxiety in a new environment. They may get angry, insecure, or hyper when they see other unfamiliar dogs approaching. They may not trust you or the approaching party and may attempt to run away. This, in turn, will make the walk unsafe for you. So, change your path when you see a new dog approaching your way. Or maintain a healthy distance to assess the reaction of your dog. Don’t challenge your dog!

Final Thoughts

We hope the six ways mentioned above help you have a super safe walk with your dog. With that said, don’t forget to wear proper dog-friendly attire when walking your dog. Wear sneakers, joggers, comfortable pants, and t-shirts. Keep it casual and comfortable. It will help you tackle situations well!

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