Summer Activities Your Dog Can Be Involved In

Summertime is an exciting time with so many more activities available to you to try. When you have a dog by your side it can be even more exciting. While some activities may be hard to get your dog involved in, there are plenty of options to try with them.

Go Swimming

Not all dogs love to swim, but many do. If your dog is a water lover then swimming is a great healthy sport for the both of you. Not all dogs can naturally swim which can be problematic though. While it can take some time and learning, your dog can learn to swim. If you’re looking for a convenient place to swim at home, you can always look up finance for pools if you don’t already have a pool in your yard. Your pup can always run through sprinklers too.

Frozen Treat Making

Frozen treats can be a tasty way for you and your pup to cool off. There are plenty of dog-friendly foods, such as mashed banana, plain greek yogurt or small amounts of peanut butter, that you can freeze in ice cube trays. These will offer a great energy boost for your furry friend.

Try Hiking

If your dog loves going on walks, hiking will likely be a great option. Choose a day that isn't too hot and a trail that isn't too challenging. You don’t want to overwork and overheat your dog. Keep your dog on a leash at all times and bring some water with you to keep you and your pet hydrated. Consider bringing your frozen treats in a cooler too. Canine hiking boots can be a great investment to consider because some trails have sharp rocks and rough terrains.

Have a Party

An outdoor party can be a good opportunity to invite some of your dog's furry pals over for a fun day in the yard. You can make your party simple and still have a great time. Just provide some treats and fun activities for your guests. If you like to decorate and be a little more elaborate with it, consider choosing a theme. 

Day Trip to The Beach

Running in the water and playing in the sand is a lot of fun for some dogs. Make a quick search for a dog-friendly beach near you and you’re good to go. This is important since some beaches do not allow pets. Bringing an umbrella can be important too, so your pup can rest in the shade, and plenty of water to drink. Pack some fun beach toys. Don't forget to bring bags for cleaning up after your pet. If your dog wants to splash in the water, make sure to go with them so they don’t go too far in.

Go Camping

Camping can be a great option with your dog. All you need to do is make sure the campsite allows dogs. Pack some portable food and water bowls and you’ll be ready to have a great time. There are plenty of adventures to have when you camp and lots to explore. Have a plan to keep you and your dog safe. If some friends can come along to be with you then that’s even better. 

Go Out To Eat

Dog-friendly outdoor dining has become trendy. Find some restaurants in your area that offer a patio space where you can enjoy a meal with your pet. Some restaurants will even provide you with a water dish and a special treat for your pup. 

Try an Evening Walk

If you live in a hot area, even mornings may be an uncomfortable time to go for a walk with your dog. Walking in the evening or at night can help you avoid overheating and hot pavement. Choose a well-lit area and outfit your dog with a reflective leash and collar or harness. 

Summer is a great time to enjoy fun activities, especially with your dog you love. There are so many opportunities out there to try!

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