Why You Should Get A Leash For Your Dog

One of the most divisive topics in the dog-owning community is whether all dogs should be kept on leads. We're not advocates for never letting your dog off the leashes. However, we believe that all dogs should have a lead and that there are many situations where dogs must be put on a leash. Walking your dog on a lead will be better for both you and your dog! Don't believe us? Here are 5 great reasons why you should get your dog a leash:

1. It's safer for your dog

Our dogs can encounter many dangers on their walks - from roads to glass shards on the sidewalks, to food on the floor that will make them unwell. Putting a dog on a lead is the same principle as holding your child's hand as they cross the road.

 As the owner, you know best and it is your responsibility to keep the dog safe from things they don't understand. When on a lead your dog is less likely to walk into traffic or to eat something they shouldn't. Having your dog on a lead makes them less likely to get attacked by other dogs. Being on a lead means that dogs are less likely to be exposed to canine diseases like Distemper or Parvo.

 2. It will make your dog feel better

Dogs are pack animals and they actually feel more comfortable and secure when they're close to us. Being attached to us through a lead is a great way to make our dogs feel calmer on a walk. If your dog is nervous around people or other dogs it is less likely to lash out if it is on a lead. We would recommend going even further than a lead in the case of most dogs. Dog harnesses are a great way to make your dogs feel even safer. An added benefit of using a dog harness is that dogs are easier to control when they are wearing them. It is also much safer for the dogs as it takes the pressure off their neck and prevents their windpipes from being crushed.

If you're interested in picking up the right lead or harness, WeLoveDoodles' articles gave me some great advice on finding a dog pulling harness.

3.It protects the local wildlife

If one video could convince you to get your dog a lead then it's this one. The local wildlife will be incredibly grateful that you've put your dog on a lead. Unfortunately, most of our favorite dog breeds were hunting dogs once, and they have natural urges they cannot resist. One of these urges appears to be chasing small, fluffy things. Sadly, it's not a good idea to indulge them in this. Having a lead to hand means you can put your dog on the leash if you are worried about them running off. This is a particularly good idea if you need to pass cattle, who can be prone to stampeding.

4. It's a great routine indicator for your dog

Dogs flourish when they have routines in their lives. Having indicators for these routines will help eliminate a lot of uncertainty and anxiety in their daily lives. For example, they know they are going to get fed when their bowls are picked up. So they are not constantly panicking that they won't get fed again. Leads are the perfect walking routine indicator, as unlike your shoes and coats, they only come out when it's time for a walk. Plus doing this will give you the daily joy of watching your dog realize it's time to go out on a walk!

5. It's the law

Finally, most countries and states have laws about keeping dogs on leads. This is often for the dogs' safety more than anything else. Check your state's laws out here. Most states don't allow dogs to 'run at large' in public areas. Many of them do not allow female dogs on heat to be let off the lead at all.

The fines for breaking the laws can be hefty and in some states breaking these laws can result in jail time. And most states have separate laws regarding breeds deemed as dangerous dogs.

We've stopped at 5 reasons to get your dog a leash because neither of us has all day, and I could go on for longer than that. The short of it is that both you and your dog will benefit greatly from introducing a lead to your daily walks.

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