6 Best Things You Should Get For Your Cat

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When getting your cat supplies, you should keep in mind two essential things- purchase resources that will keep them healthy and materials that will keep them actively engaged throughout the day. 

A simple strategy to consider when providing our indoor cats with an enriching environment is: mimicking an engaging life in the wild and providing a safe indoor environment.

The routine of a cat in the wild differs from that of the one that stays indoors. A wild cat hunts daily, while an indoor cat is provided food by its owner. The only competition an indoor cat faces is from another cat in the household. In contrast, a wild cat has to mark territory, hide from predators, defend its territories, groom, and observe rest.

With all these differences, there is a need to purchase some supplies for cats' physical and mental stimulation. You could have CBD pet oil which has various benefits for cats.

Below are essential resources you should have around the house:


When adopting a cat with known background, it is best to ask their caregivers what food they are accustomed to. Contracts of new breeds of cats will suggest certain foods for them. Cats with unknown backgrounds can be fed according to some laid out tips of feeding:

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Food For Kittens

Kittens need more proteins and fats than full-grown cats. Therefore, search for meals with balanced nutrition. You can also search for meals with the "for all life stages" statement.

Some foods are formulated especially for kittens. Look for foods labeled as uniquely designed for kittens, nutrient-dense, and highly digestible. Although wet food is better for kittens, over eight weeks can handle dry food well.

Feed For Adult Cats

Adult cats can thrive on dry food too. Subsequently, you can adjust their meals to wet because they are better for them.

Litter Boxes

There are different styles of litter boxes to choose from. There is the option of a hooded box with a tall cover to offer the cat some privacy. Another option is the self-cleaning one that cleans up the dirt after use. They are a bit expensive and well appreciated.

Choosing the most suitable box is a must for your cat. A big box is well fitted for adult cats. Kittens need smaller ones that are low enough for easy access.

With the desire to create a healthy environment for their cats, people have turned to use pellet cat litters for the litter boxes. It reduces the smell and liquid in the litter and makes it easily disposable. There are traditional, and wood pellet cat litters. Wood cat litters are the most preferred because they offer more advantages than conventional pellet cat litters. 

Scratching Post

Scratching is a habit exhibited by cats to mark their territory or stretch their muscles. Cats leave marks through pheromones. Cats like to reach to vertical surfaces to scratch.

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Place multiple scratching posts in different corners of your house. Find out if your cat prefers the horizontal or vertical posts by placing both in your home. Pay attention to their most preferred texture as well. 

One of the best locations may be near their favorite sleeping area, as they can reach up onto the post and have a good stretch after their nap.

Cat Carrier

As the name implies, a cat carrier is used for transporting your cat. This is a must-have accessory. Your cat carrier should permit enough ventilation, easy access, and be strong and safe.

Cat carriers vary in design and style. This gives the cat owners various options to choose from. Cat carriers are essential when you want to travel with your kitty, so it’s best to explore your options and buy a suitable one.

Food and Water Bowls

Food and water bowls are a must-have for your cats. When purchasing bowls for your cats, pick smaller and shallower bowls for your kitten and the bigger ones for your adult cats. Ensure you clean them daily and keep them far away from the litter box.

You can also invest in a suitable water dispenser to motivate your cat to drink water.


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Although cats can fall asleep anywhere, it is a good idea to get your cat a cozy and special place for napping.

The bed should be easily washable, warm, comfortable, soft, and safe. The bed should not be too big as it could make the cat feel exposed or vulnerable.


Your cat does not only need a roof over its head. It needs love and resources that will make its life happy and healthy. They need mental stimulation and enrichment to be comfortable indoors. It is necessary to get your home ready and go shopping for everything they need.

The list above includes the essentials you must have to make your cat happy. Pay attention to these needs and watch your cats thrive.

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