How to Recognize That Your Pet is Ill? 5 Symptoms That Should Alarm You

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How can you tell if your pet is sick? It can be sometimes difficult to determine, as pets often hide their illnesses. However, there are a few symptoms that you should watch out for. Here are five most common signs that your pet may be ill.

5 Symptoms of Common Illnesses in Pets

One of the first signs is a change in your pet's behavior. If they start acting different from normal, then you should ask yourself what might be wrong with them. They may become more irritable and aggressive, have a change in appetite, or appear more tired than usual. 

A cat's eyes are one of the first places to look for signs of illness because they're so visible from outside their body. Whereas a dog will probably vomit or have diarrhea. Before your veterinarian checks your furry pet carefully during an examination, be aware of these 5 general symptoms for both dogs and cats.

Lethargy and Fatigue

Lethargy and fatigue are common symptoms of illnesses in dogs and cats. If your pet is sleeping more than usual, it's best to see a veterinarian, so he can recommend the proper treatment. Lethargy can mean a number of things, like heart disease or anemia.

Vomiting and Diarrhea

If Fido or Luna are vomiting and have diarrhea, it's important to pay attention to what they're eating. If they are having these symptoms, and you've recently purchased a new food for them, be careful and quit the treat. However, if these symptoms are repeated or last for more than 24 hours, it might be a sign of a serious ailment. If you see blood in their vomit or feces, run to the vet without delay! Blood means there's an ulceration somewhere in the stomach lining or intestines.

Loss of Appetite

Dogs and cats often lose their appetite for one of two reasons: either they're sick, or you haven't fed them in so long that they've forgotten what food is. If your pet starts to lose interest in food, he/she could be suffering from a viral or bacterial infection. What is more, your beloved companion may be suffering from some critical illnesses, such as dental issues, kidney and liver failures, or even cancer! Your veterinarian will need to rule it out in order for you and your pet to resume your usual activities.

Weight Loss

It's important to monitor your pets' weight. Whenever your hound is losing too much, it might be a sign of something serious like cancer or diabetes. Look for any hidden clues, such as eating fewer treats or vomiting. If your cat has lost more than 10% of their body weight, take them to the vet now!


One way to tell if your pet is healthy or not: see if it's hiding in corners, under the bed or in dark places, e.g., in the garage. If your companion begins to hide, it might be a sign of illness. When a pet's body is failing him, he lacks the capacity to fight back. His instinct tells him that it may be best to hide, so he cowers under furniture in order to avoid feeling more pain than necessary. Unfortunately, hiding is a sign that your pet may be passing away.

Are You Able to Recognize That Your Pet is Sick?

How to recognize that your pet is ill? Let's take a look at a few symptoms that are attributed specifically to dogs, and those that are typical for cats.

Dog Symptoms That Should Alarm Their Owners

Apart from all the disorders mentioned above (weight loss, vomiting or hiding), there are some signs that typically go along with dogs. Make sure you know them all, so your pet can get the care they need!

  • Excessive Panting and Heavy Breathing
  • Balance Issues and Trouble Standing
  • Cat Symptoms That Should Alarm Their Owners

    If you want to know your cat's health, there are a few symptoms that can give you some insight. Higher pitched meowing is just one of the signs.

  • Back Legs Dragging
  • Eyes and Nose Discharge
  • How to Tell That Your Pet is Ill. Final Thoughts

    While many of the symptoms we’ve listed can be easily mistaken for something else, it’s important to be vigilant about changes in your pet’s health. Early recognition and treatment is key when it comes to keeping your furry friend healthy and happy

    And remember, prevention is always better than cure, so make sure you keep up with your pet’s preventive care schedule! Thanks for reading.

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