5 Pet Trends You Should Know About

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Every pet owner tries to do the best for his/her pets. With hectic work and social affairs, It is not always possible to devote a lot of time to our pets, but of course, we want our pets to feel happy anyway. Let's take a look at some helpful tips and trends about pets.

5 Pet Trends You Should Know

1. Home-delivered pet food

 If you think food delivery was only for humans think again. Recently, players are aiming at delivering dog food at the doorsteps of the pet owners. Different delivery-based companies can find a way to get your food conveniently and it can save your time for example for spending time with family.

2. Keeping pets engaged while you’re away.

Let's face it: you can't be with your pets all the time, no matter how much you want to. We live in the era of technology. Now gadgets surround us everywhere and pets are not left without attention. A great solution was to create intelligent physical products that pets can interact with.

There are various console gadgets that not only help distract your pets but also improve their cognitive behavior. So if you are quite busy at work or doing other things you can be calm about your pet.

3. Natural pet products

People have become more mindful of their health as well as the environment. Ever-growing natural products are meant to keep the toxicity of synthetic material and other toxic chemicals present in common products at bay. Pet owners are also selective when it comes to buying toys for their pets, especially on the material used to make toys.

4. Mobile grooming

 Talking about dog grooming, there are two ways you can choose. You can either take your dog to the salon or you can have a mobile groomer come to your place. Everyone likes to keep the coat clean at all times. It might be very convenient to use the services of mobile groomers and after trying out several, I have a fixed schedule with one specific one who the dog likes. Here is why It is a great possibility.

 Because the groomer brings her business to you, your dog does not have to leave the environment he is used to. Your pet will not experience stress while in the salon, which means he is calmer during the session.

Why you must choose a mobile groomer

Mobile grooming is a useful service. The groomer comes to your home, and therefore you may have extra time for more important things than driving your pet to the salon.

Unlike in the salon where the groomer has to worry about other dogs or cats, your pet gets the groomer’s full attention. This means if your dog is fussy, the groomer has more time to accommodate his needs. If you seek the services of the same groomer every time, she already knows your dog by name and all your dog's specific needs, so she can customize her services to suit your dog, making the experience pleasant for the pet.

Your dog is at a reduced risk of catching any diseases or even parasites from other dogs when he is groomed at home. In contrast, it’s easy to catch diseases from other pets at the salon, where dogs from different owners go to get groomed.

5. Pet-Care Needs and the Smart Devices

Technology has simplified the way pet owners buy pet products and has also impacted the type of pet products on the market. In particular, the introduction of the IoT and smart devices has improved pet care. This has made it easy for pet owners to monitor their pet’s physical activities, health, and location using wearables and other monitoring devices.

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