Top Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe While You’re Busy

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Owning a dog requires love, patience, and attention. Fur parents treat their dog like their own kids, ensuring that they’re well-fed and in good health.

Aside from providing food and shelter to their furry friend, some pet owners also give their pets a dose of CBD oil for dogs for overall wellness.

However, being busy at your job or other important matters can be inevitable. Sometimes, you become so preoccupied that you forget about important things, like a scheduled appointment with your dentist.

When you become too busy at work or can’t spend as much time with your dog as you want to, your dog usually ends up spending a good portion of the day alone. Consider the following tips to keep your furry companion safe.

Dog Safety Tips While You’re Busy or Away

Hire a Pet Sitter

If you’re planning to leave your house for an extended period during the day, it’s worth considering hiring a pet sitter. It’s a great option to ensure your dog stays in a healthy routine to minimize the stress it may experience.

Your dog’s routine can be an essential aspect of its overall health and happiness.  Routines may help your canine companion thrive, especially when you’re not around most of the time.

So try maintaining your fur baby’s routine even when your schedule changes. If you can’t sustain it, try to keep your dog’s schedule as consistent as possible. 

Install a Security Camera

The main reason why you should install a security camera is for remote observation. Because of your busyness, it’s pretty impossible to keep an eye on your pet 24/7.

However, with continuous footage, you’ll be able to check what your dog is doing when you’re away. Security cameras are also a great tool to observe other people in your house.

If you hire a pet sitter, these cameras are a discreet way to keep an eye on things and ensure that your fur baby is in good hands. 

Security cameras may even help you in the event of a burglary. If a trespasser breaks into your home while you’re away, you’ll have accessible footage that you can give to the police.    

Let Your Dog Wear a Collar

If your canine companion wears a collar, it will not be identified as homeless if it gets out of your backyard. Making your dog wear a collar is particularly helpful, especially when you’re not always around due to your busy schedule.

If, for instance, your fur baby gets bored and manages to run away, people who find it will know that it has an owner.

Make sure your dog’s collar has your name and contact number engraved on it. This way, if your furry friend gets lost, the person who finds it can call you directly.

Avoid Suffocation Dangers

Snack bags can be irresistible for dogs, but these things may be dangerous.

If your fur baby’s face gets inside those bags, they may tighten around your dog’s head when it inhales, blocking all airways.

Make sure to dispose of empty bags from chips or snacks properly, away from your dog’s reach.

Store Hazardous Household Products Out of Reach

Most dogs tend to be curious, while some are smart enough to get into all sorts of places.

When you’re not watching, your dog may go under sinks, garages, and other spots in your house where you usually store harmful chemical products.

Make sure not to leave dangerous products lying around when you’re not home. Your dog may lick them and get poisoned.

Avoid the Heat

Some breeds are sensitive to heat. However, regardless of your dog’s breed, ensure that it has access to plenty of shade and water, especially if the weather is scorching. Otherwise, it may become disoriented and even pass out.

Use a Leash

You don’t always have to put your furry friend on a leash. You just need to choose the right time to use it.

Using a leash keeps your dog safe, especially when you’re not around. If you train your fur baby on a leash each time you go for a walk, it may be helpful for the pet sitter, too.

If you train your dog to walk on a leash and teach it to stick to a sidewalk, you avoid accidents where your canine companion randomly walks onto a busy street. 

Keep Bugs at Bay

Your dog may be susceptible to parasites and other bugs such as fleas. In the worst-case scenario, these insects may seriously affect the health of your canine companion.

Keeping bugs at bay must be a top priority. Ensure to call your vet, so they can help you identify any issues and give possible solutions. It would help if you also took preventive measures, such as purchasing a pet-friendly insect repellent

Regularly bathing your dog may also be helpful. However, if your schedule doesn’t permit you to do it like you used to, ask someone to do it for you or take your dog to a pet grooming shop.

Secure Your Garden

Dogs are expert diggers, jumpers, and all-around escape artists. If you have a garden for your furry friend to play in, then that’s great.

However, consider taking precautions, too. Ensure that your garden is fenced off correctly. The fences should be high and sturdy so that your dog cannot jump over the gate quickly. 

Look Out for Poisonous Plants

Speaking of gardens, make sure to look out for plants that may be toxic for your dog. Do you have lilies and azaleas in your backyard? Consider removing them as they may pose a danger to your fur baby if ingested.

To be on the safe side, always research a plant’s toxicity with regards to pets each time you consider adding one to your garden.

It’s better to do preventive measures to ensure your dog’s safety, especially if you will not always be around to look after your pet. 

Provide Your Dog With Entertainment

When you’re not home, your fur baby may start to search for alternative ways to keep itself entertained while it waits for you.

To help deter your canine companion from chewing on furniture or household items, it’s a good idea to give your dog toys to chew on as a safe option.

You may invest in interactive dog toys designed to keep your fur baby mentally stimulated and occupied while you’re away.

You may also provide your canine companion with background noise by leaving the T.V. on or trying calming sounds by using a speaker.

Close Your Windows 

Make sure your dog doesn’t have access to open windows when you leave it home alone.

Before you leave for work, check if the windows are securely locked so your fur baby won’t escape through them.

If it’s necessary to leave your windows open for ventilation, ensure to secure them so they can only be opened a few inches wide while you’re away.

Buy Pet Steps

If your fur baby loves the high ground, make sure it has a safe way to get up and down.

Jumping on and off your bed may be harmful to your dog’s joints. It’s a good idea to invest in pet steps or ramps to help your fur baby get on high places like the bed or couch safely.


You and your fur baby may be inseparable. However, even the best buds have to spend some time apart sometimes. If your job demands that you work for long hours a week, make sure that your dog is safe even when you’re too busy or not around.

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Fay Smith worked in communications for five years before settling down with her husband. As an advocate of all things natural, she tried CBD when friends recommended it for common aches and pain. Her interest in radiology started when she first became pregnant. Now she regularly contributes to

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