Happy New Year!

By Play admin on Jan 31, 2011
"What?" you might be thinking. And no, we're not crazy... we know it's February and New Year's was over a month ago. But today millions of people around the world are celebrating Chinese New Year (also known as the Lunar New Year). So we wanted to take this chance to wish everyone a very happy and prosperous New Year! ...

Dog-Milk and P.L.A.Y. Cameo Bed Give-Away!

By Play admin on Jan 27, 2011
This last month, Dog-Milk got a couple of our beds for Lulu (the American Bulldog) and Beans (the Boston Terrier) to try out and review. Now, we're partnering with them again for a fun photo contest give-away! Here are the details, straight from Dog-Milk.com...

Come Out and P.L.A.Y.

By Play Admin on Jan 24, 2011
This year, we are soo excited to be participating in some upcoming pet and dog shows around the country! As dates get closer, we’ll be sure to fill you in on the all the details make sure to check here on our blog as well as on our Facebook page and Twitter. So come out and P.L.A.Y., here’s where we’ll be in the upcoming weeks…
Momo here. Ever wonder what your dog is saying to you? I wonder what my human is saying to me all the time. My people talk to me (usually in a high baby voice) and all I hear is a lot of "Blah blah blah Treat?" or "Blah Blah Momo, Blah Blah Blah good girl!" I've learned that all I gotta do is run around in a couple circles, sit down a few times or even shake my butt and out comes the gushy voice. Man,  I've got them wrapped around my little duclaw. For all you humans that are curious about dog talk, I'll break it down for you...

5 Signs You're a "Crazy Dog Person"

By Play Admin on Jan 17, 2011
Have you ever been called the 'crazy dog lady' or the 'obsessed with his dog' guy? Well I have... many of times! If you're on the cusp of craziness, here are 5 signs that you are becoming or have become THAT crazy dog person...

Momo Mondays: All Animals are Created Equal

By Deborah Feng on Jan 15, 2011
Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! We think it's important to remember the reason for this special holiday, and that it is more than just a three-day weekend. Momo actually loves playing with all types of animals - she's really curious and just doesn't discriminate. Obviously, some animal species are just natural born enemies; tigers, bears, dogs, polar bears, you name it - you just wouldn't think of them as friends. Well we recently watched National Geographic's one hour special, "Unlikely Animal Friends 2" and were suprised (and heartwarmed) by what we saw...

Snow Dogs

By Play Admin on Jan 11, 2011
With most of the country covered in snow, we wanted to give you some tips and tricks on how to keep your pup safe and happy this winter. Generally, dogs love playing in the snow - it always makes me laugh when my dog starts bunny-hopping around in it. But just like people, they are susceptible to hypothermia and frosbite...
With the millions of dog owners across the US, it's no wonder dog parks are popping up all over the place. Momo, being the little rambunctious thing that she is, LOVES to run and romp with all sorts of dogs. Big or little - she is right there with them. Chasing tails, sniffing butts, and slowly wading in the water are some of her favorite things to do.  Dog parks are great places to take your pup to get some exercise and socialization. For owners, it's important to know and understand dog park etiquette before going. Here are some tips and general rules...

Are Dogs or Cats Smarter?

By Play Admin on Jan 4, 2011
How many of you have debated with friends that your dog is smarter than their cat? Or vice versa? It's a question that has been debated since the beginning of time... okay, not that long, but you get the idea. Recently Pawnation.com posted an article about this very topic and detailed the results from a study conducted by Oxford University. For some (like me) the results are not very surprising... :)

Momo Mondays: A Look Back at 2010

By Momo on Dec 31, 2010
Momo here. This last year has been a crazy one! I turned one, my people got me a TON of new beds, and I've been a travelling machine! I am living the good life. Example: if I want a treat, all I have to do is sit my butt down! Really... all I have to do is sit down! Here are some other cool things that happened in 2010...
It's official. Another year has passed and it's time to make those New Year resolutions again. If you are like the millions of other Americans, losing weight is on the top of your list. In 2011, let your four-legged friend help you with your goals! Here are three great reasons why your dog is the perfect work-out partner...

Momo Mondays: Momo's Favorite Foods

By Will and Deb on Dec 25, 2010
With the holiday season almost over, it's time to start thinking about those New Year resolutions! While we definitely spoiled Momo with lots of treats and toys, just like with humans - everything is okay in moderation...

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