Tips for Picking Out the Best Food for Your Family Pet

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Have you been struggling to select the right food for your pet? If so, then you came to the right place! As you know, keeping your pet healthy and happy requires you to select the right diet. Thankfully, there are several things you can do to rest assured that you have the right for your pet. They include the following:

Select a company with a good reputation

Choosing a reputable company is important because it gives the assurance that whatever you’re taking has gone through all the necessary quality control measures. A company with a good reputation usually has a qualified staff that includes a veterinary nutritionist. Moreover, such a company will always print accurate nutrient data on the label, and not just have the “Guaranteed Analysis” tag on the label that lists the maximum or minimum of some nutrients. Note that the label is often an indication that the actual diet might contain less of the nutrients.

Remember that an ideal pet food company needs to have full nutrient and energy analysis information online. It should also be able to release the nutrient analysis information when a customer requires it.

Choose food that matches your pet’s life stage

In most cases, pet foods list a life stage on the label; that means that the food has been formulated to the young pets, such as kittens and puppies – for growth, and adult pets – for maintenance. In some cases, you’ll find that some foods are listed as being nutritionally sufficient and suitable for all life stages. The problem is that the younger pets usually have different nutrient and energy requirements compared to the adult pets. This means that the foods that are labelled as being appropriate for all life stages may comprise more of particular nutrients than required.

To be safe, purchase food that is labelled specifically for your pet’s life stage. Just keep in mind the fact that claims like “large breed” or “senior” don’t usually have specific regulations. Although there’s a chance these foods have different nutrient profiles, the only way to know how they differ is by calling the company to get a complete nutrient analysis.

Does your pet have an allergy?

Allergies usually affect the kind of food that is most appropriate for pets. Some pets are allergic or intolerant to certain primary ingredients, meaning that they need a special diet or carefully selected pet food. For instance, according to Dakota Hills Veterinary Clinic, some parrots are usually allergic to Sulphur. This means that you need to choose excellent bird food that doesn’t contain this compound.

Luckily, there are many pet foods that are especially formulated for pets with certain food intolerances or allergies. Nonetheless, I know that it’s not always easy to determine whether your pet has one or more food allergies. You therefore need to watch your pet’s behavior carefully when they eat and monitor all the foods they eat. This includes fluids and treats. Your local vet can also help you determine whether your pet has an allergy. If you find out that your pet has a certain food allergy, talk to your vet to come up with the most appropriate food ideas.

Consider the activity and reproductive status of your pet

Your pet’s physical characteristics, such as breed and overall health are also worth considering when choosing the ideal pet food. For instance, lactating female pets and puppies usually require more calories per day than the older pets. Similarly, the extremely active breeds often need a lot more calories than the couch potato breeds. When you feed your pet the right amount of food based on these and other similar characteristics, you’d help them stay away from health issues and obesity.

Remember that some brands usually manufacture foods based on breed, but they tend to only distinguish between a large breed formula and a small breed formula. The differences here mainly revolve around kibble size, but you should always ensure your pet is eating comfortably and safely. If you ever have concerns over what exactly you should be feeding your pet, it is always a good idea to reach out to a veterinarian who will be able to give you their best advice.

Final Thoughts

With so many pet foods available today, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. The good news is that the tips we’ve covered above are enough to help you make the right decision. Your pet deserves to be healthy and happy.

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