Why Does My Cat Stare at Me?

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Have you ever woken up and found your cats on your belly or chest, staring into your eyes? Or maybe you are working on your computer and you feel those sharp eyes boring into you. What is your cat trying to say? You’ve probably heard experts saying that direct eye contact in the world of cats is considered a potential threat. So, what did you do? Maybe, you did nothing. There are several reasons why your cat is stares at you.

Assessing your pet’s body language

As the popular saying goes, eyes are the window to the soul. However, before you start imagining how your cat will deal with you, keep in mind that cat communication is complex. And it goes beyond eye contact. To know what your cat is thinking, you need to learn how to read body language starting from the eyes to the tail.

1. The Angry Cat

Cats with a loose and relaxed body do not easily attack. However, an upset cat will exhibit several signs such as a stiffer body, ears turned to the side, pupil dilation, a tail that moves from side to side, and a stiff body. This body language together with direct eye contact is not only a threat but also a signal that your cat needs space.

In such instances, the best thing for you to do is avoiding eye contact and distracting him to focus on other activities, and have some space between you and him. You can knock your desk slightly or toss an object such as a crumbled piece of paper for your cat to chase. Delegating writing tasks to thesis writing service to find time to play with your cat will pay off in spades. Whether your cat enjoys playing games or not, it helps in breaking eye contact and defusing energy. When your cat calms down, engage him in the activities that he enjoys.

2. The Happy Cat

When your cat is staring at you, is his tail down? Is he standing with a stiff stance? The manner in which a cat postures himself communicates how he is feeling. Different body postures with a similar stare provide totally different stories. If your cat is blinking slowly while staring at you and he’s a few inches away from your face, this behavior is a clear sign of affection.

Blinking in the cat world is a good gesture. When combined with relaxed body language, your cat is showing that he wants to spend time with you. Or, he could be trying to wake you up. Maybe he needs your company or wants his breakfast. The body language that we’ve described shows that he mainly wants your attention.

3. The Scared Cat

Is your cat staring at you with a tucked tail? Is he hiding under the table? These are clear indications of a fearful cat. Regardless of what you did, you’ve managed to spook your cat. Sometimes, it’s the noise from outside that’s scaring your cat. He is just trying to keep himself out of danger. He will stare at the person who is closest, moving around or making the loudest noise. This would be a great time to take a few breaths to calm down and relax.

To avoid scaring the cat further, maintain a good distance and grab his favorite treat. If he loves treats, he will find it difficult to remain fearful. You can also consider placing his treats in his feeding area to take his mind off the scary experience.

Cats and attention

Cats are quite smart especially when it comes to grabbing their favorite person’s attention. From the subtle stares to vocalizing, cats always know the best ways to grab your attention. Most of the time, a cat staring at you simply means that he desires to engage with you. Some cats behave like dogs. They’ll sit in front of you and stare to get your full attention. In human society, staring is rude. However, in the cat world, it conveys a different message. Learning what your cat is communicating will build a stronger relationship in the long run.

Simple ways to make your cat happy

We all want our cats to be healthy and happy in the long run. But we just don’t know what to do to achieve this goal. Here are a few simple and effective tips from to make your cat happy:

1. Visit the vet

It’s quite difficult to find an unhealthy and happy cat. To make your cat happy, you need to look after his health. And this means visiting the vet regularly. Some vets have specialized in cats. And they will easily show you how visiting them regularly can be pleasant.

2. Get some sun

Yes! Both human beings and cats can improve their health and wellbeing by going outside as much as possible and broadening their horizons. You can confine your cat in a special area outdoors under supervision or you can leash them with a harness.

3. Let him scratch the surface

Giving your cat enough space to stretch and sharpen his claws will pay off in spades. Cat scratching is a common cat behavior that makes them happy. Provide your cat with a horizontal, angled, or vertical position to scratch.

4.  Provide preventive medications

No cat enjoys living with ticks, fleas, heartworms, and mites. Even if your cat spends most of his time indoors, he can still be attacked by these dangerous creatures. You need to speak with your vet about the best plan to prevent parasites. A parasite-free cat is a happy and healthy cat. 

5.  Play and train together

Cats are clever. And they can be trained like dogs. You can teach your cat to sit in specific places. While teaching your cat, you can train him to build a stronger relationship and make him happy.


When your cat is staring at you, you need to look at his body language to have an idea of what’s going on in his mind. Look at the body posture and the movements of his tail. If he’s upset, avoid direct eye contact and distract him quickly. As you’ve seen, there are a lot of things that you can do to make your cat happy.

About the Author:

Jessica Chapman is an essay writer at assignment help website from Chicago. She is into sport and politics, enjoys travelling.

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