Dog and Cat in One Apartment, How to Do Everything Right

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Sometimes cats and dogs are forced to live in the same territory for different life circumstances, or people who have a cat want to take a dog. There is a well-established myth that cats and dogs can live together only by meeting a kitten and a puppy at a young age. But practicing dog handlers and zoo psychologists proved that it is only a myth.

But how to minimize pets' stress and make them feel comfortable as quickly as possible. If you are an essay writer, for example, and work from home, it will be easier for you to keep track of animals and stop conflicts. But in order not to be afraid to leave the pets alone, you need to do everything right.

Many experienced dog handlers have long proven that it is possible to reconcile and improve relations between a cat and a dog living in the same territory, even if they are at enmity. This process requires the patience and desire of the owners.

The main rules:

  1. Never introduce a cat and a dog nose to nose, do not push animals together.
  2. Delineate the pets' space at first. It is better to keep them in different rooms.
  3. Do not be nervous in front of animals. Your nervousness and insecurity will be transmitted to animals and cause aggression
  4. It is hard for adult animals to get used to each other, do not leave their first communication to chance without your presence

The first acquaintance of the dog with the house

When you bring the dog home -  be sure to "hide" the cat. Allow your dog to explore new territory, calm down and relax. Get used to your place.

Next, you need to introduce each other to the smells (without physical contact). Put them next to the dog's place, for example, a cat toy. Do the same with the cat. Animals need to get used to each other's smell. (DO NOT put the litter box next to the dog's bed.) If the dog and cat react calmly, the coat does not stand on end, does not hiss or growl, and does not stand in a hunter's stance - you can continue your acquaintance.

Place the cat in its carrier and place it on a raised platform. Hand feeds the dog and the cat (carrier cat) one at a time. Give time for the animals to get used to each other at a safe distance. Pet your dog and cat, behave calmly and calm the animals. You must achieve a calm state for both the cat and the dog. If one of the animals shows aggression, it is impossible to move on to physical acquaintance.

Physical acquaintance

Better to do it together - it is more convenient and safer. Allow the dog to smell the cat. It is better if the dog starts from the back so that the cat does not show aggression and does not scratch the dog. It can provokу aggression. Secure the dog on a leash. Let the cat move freely around the room. Limit space to one room. If the dog focuses on the cat and tries to make a sudden movement towards the cat, the second person should stop it with a sharp, unpleasant sound. This process can take a long time, but we don't want any of your animals to get hurt. When the dog has relaxed, lay down, stretched out, substitutes its tummy, you can release it from the leash.

If you have a desire to have both a cat and a dog - do it. Do not believe in myths, and do not deny yourself such pleasure.

An acquaintance of newly arrived animals with "old-timers" takes time. The relationship between pets is not always ideal at once. However, you should be patient. Don't try to do everything in one day. Be calm and pay enough attention to both.  It will create conditions for good and peaceful relationships between animals.

About the Author:

Hi! My name is Beryl Catington. I am the happy owner of a cat and French Bulldog. I am a professional content writer in and work at home. That is why I spenв a lot of time with my pets. I am glad that I have them both. Here you can find helpful information that is based on my own experience and dog handlers' recommendations.

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