Top 6 Ideas For An Amazing Dog-Friendly Day Trip

There’s no better way to spend your time than with your furry best friend. Yet sometimes, you have to leave the house and go on adventures. Contrary to popular belief, there are many ideas and trips you can embark upon with your four-legged pal.

From exotic ideas like touring a winery together to the simple allure of dog-friendly beaches to visit, all you have to do is to inquire beforehand if pets are welcome in these locations. To further help you out, listed below are a few wonderful day trip ideas that are generally regarded as dog-friendly. Keep on reading to learn more.

1. Take A Hike

Hiking is a great way to exercise and spend time with your dog. Not only does it let you enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature, but it also gives you an opportunity to bond with your dog while getting some much-needed exercise.

Before embarking on a hike, it’s important to check the rules regarding leash length. Some hiking trails require your leash to be a certain length for safety reasons. 

2. Visit The Beach Or A Lake

Bodies of water are perfect getaways for you and your fur-covered loved one. The following are some useful tips to follow in taking a trip to the beach and the like:

  • Bring a water bottle and a towel;
  • Don’t forget to bring a dog-friendly beach toy;
  • Because your pup's nose can burn due to the high heat, bring and use dog sunscreen for protection.

A dog-friendly snack will help keep them occupied while you enjoy yours in peace. Dog treats or fruit work well in this situation. Nonetheless, make sure they’re not prone to choking on small pieces before giving them anything that could pose a risk of choking.

Search for a sport for your pup to sit at the beach or lake if you're planning on taking an extended stay there. If possible, try finding some rocks or logs with shade for them so they can escape from the sun when necessary without being too far away from their human’s sight.

3. Try Boating

An activity that can be tied in or be separate from the previous point, going boating with your dog is a fun way to relax out on the water for a couple of hours. Although most dogs are good swimmers, it’s crucial to secure them with a doggy life jacket. This is advisable especially if it’s their first time out on the water just in case they’re having trouble adjusting to the motion of the boat

4. Pay A Visit To A Local Dog Park

A dog park is a great way to give your dog a chance to stretch their legs, run around in an open space, and make some new friends. A couple of things to keep in mind include:

  • Bring water. You never know how hot or thirsty your dog will get. Make sure they have plenty of access to water throughout the day. You might want to bring along a small bowl and fill it with fresh water every hour or so if it's super hot outside.
  • Know where you're going. It’s important that both you and your dog are comfortable with what's going on around them at the park, so do some research ahead of time by visiting different parks near where you live.
  • Don’t leave young children unattended at any time while visiting any public area including parks/dog parks. As well as don’t allow them to play unsupervised within close proximity of any other animals including those owned by someone else within the same enclosed area.

In addition, it’s good to consider going to an off-leash dog park. An off-leash dog park is a place where you can bring your pup, let them run around, and play with other pups. These parks are typically fenced in, but they're not always enclosed. The idea is that dogs know they're supposed to be friendly towards each other at the park and won't need their leashes as much as they would outside of it.

5. Spend The Day At The Mall

Shopping malls are always open to dogs yet there are some that go above and beyond to welcome dogs. Some management set up special play areas dedicated to dogs. Plus, a large number of stores have policies that allow well-behaved dogs inside their premises. All of these make for a hassle-free dog-friendly day trip.

6. Enjoy Each Other’s Company In Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are perfect for a day trip with your dog. Most parks have pet areas where you can let your pup run around and play, as well as fun activities like doggie daycare or swimming pools. As a general reminder, it’s recommended that you look up information regarding the amusement park of your choice to find out their offerings and if all of them are dog-friendly.


Whether you just got your dog or they’ve been with you for years already, you and your furry friend can have a great time together while engaging in day trips. Dogs are social animals and they love to be around people. Hence, they can be good company for you as you head out on a fun day trip.

Don’t know how to spend a day trip with your pet dog? Check out the trip ideas enumerated above for a fun time for the two of you.

About the Author:

Caitlin Merlino is a veterinary assistant and a pet lover. She writes blogs on the side to share her expertise on pet-related matters. During her free time, Caitlin loves to travel with her pets and friends.

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