Things To Do With Your Dog Indoors (When It Is Too Hot!)

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Whether it is a rainy day or a heatwave, you’re stuck in the house! Now what? Are you looking for entertaining indoor activities for your four-legged pal? Dogs need activities to do when they are cooped up inside, whether it be due to inclement weather or orders to stay at home. 

So, your dog may be unable to play outside, regardless of where you live if it's a snowy, wet, hot, or sick day. Fortunately, we understand your plight and have come up with a lengthy list of things. Try some of them to keep your dog from getting bored.

Having fun with interactive toys 

Interactive toys are great for stimulating your pet's thinking and rewarding him at the same time. These toys typically have treats concealed inside of them. Dogs need to learn how to use the toy to access the treats because it takes some ability.

You can fill items like Kong toys and Treat Balls with sweets, tasty or soft food. Your dog will have to lick, chew, and even hurl the toy with either of them to get the food out. Treats are among the ultimate list of dog accessories, so to find the tasty treats, your dog must investigate the toy. Interactive toys can keep your fur baby entertained for a long time.

Try some simple grooming

One of a dog's fundamental needs and an essential component of dog ownership is grooming. Your dog will like grooming more if you introduce it gradually and provide lots of praise. Some dogs take particular pleasure in being groomed, especially while being brushed.

If your dog sheds a lot, simple grooming using a bristle brush or undercoat rake can help reduce the amount of extra hair in your home. Grooming your furry pal can be a calming and delightful time to spend together when done properly.

Allow him to assist you at home

Many canines are trained to assist you all day because many of them were once working dogs. They can enjoy your company and bond stronger, which is a benefit!

Even while your dog may not be able to pay bills or handle other administrative work, you can train them to do simple jobs like fetch things.

Play some games

If you have a small dog and a large living space, you might just be able to get away with a game of indoor fetch! Use a ball launcher or just practice your throwing arm! 

An indoor tug-of-war game just requires a little amount of open space. This activity might help you and your fur baby to get some exercise.

Ensure there are no hazardous or breakable objects nearby before engaging in a game of tug-of-war indoors. Give the play area a few feet of free space all around. Check to see if your dog has received release training. Now that you're ready, you and your dog can play a fun game of tug together.

Training Practice

Dog training sessions can be conducted at any time, but if you are confined indoors, it is the ideal time to practice simple or even more complex commands that don't require much room. A training session can be interesting and enjoyable for your dog even if he is already familiar with the commands.

If you want to take things a step further, try teaching your dog amusing skills like rolling over a treat on their snout. Even better, you could teach your canine pal the names of his treats or toys and then direct him to go retrieve them. The options are limitless.

Watch dog-friendly films

There are plenty of films and TV shows made specifically for dogs. Dogs do not completely perceive television in the same way that humans do, although some do appear to notice movement and become highly interested. Some canines won't even react to visuals on the screen. 

Most dogs can hear the TV sounds and your dog might find them interesting. A test runs to check if your furry friend enjoys watching can be worthwhile.

A challenging course

This one is simple since you can create a course that is as easy or challenging as you like using basic home items. You can construct your challenge or obstacle course using a set of cones and poles or a simple DIY dog jump created from common household objects.

Your dog might burrow under disassembled boxes, walk through chairs, or jump over stacks of books by using them as hurdles.

Toy puzzles

Dogs have a remarkable capacity for learning and can be incredibly intelligent. Play puzzle games to challenge their minds and keep them interested. This can be done by putting treats in cups, moving them around, and asking the canines to figure out where the treats are. Or, to keep your pup occupied for a short while, buy a puzzle treat dispenser for him.

Dinner date with your canine buddy

We adore eating. Our pets adore food. Why not plan a dinner date instead?

Together, you can eat some meals that are suitable for dogs. Perhaps a little portion of fish, turkey, or chicken, followed by some fruit, would be appropriate. Watermelon, bananas, and strawberries are favorites of many dogs.

Even making dog cakes is an option if you're feeling particularly daring. Just make sure to choose a recipe that is suitable for dogs.

Search and sniff

Who can argue that dogs enjoy treats? Give them an enjoyable activity to participate in, and then reward them with a tasty meal.

There are numerous techniques to search and sniff. Get a few tennis balls and a few clean muffin tins as one alternative. Each muffin cup should have a tennis ball, and one of them should have a treat underneath it.

Allowing your dog to hunt for a delicious treat and then take pleasure in the reward is the right thing to do. You are welcome to intervene and aid your dog in getting back on track if they are having trouble.

Fitness Twist

Known as weave poles in the sport of agility, this is a game you may play with your dog to practice. You can tell your dog to heel with you or any family member as one weaves between "poles" made out of chairs or other common home items, as well as from friends or relatives. 

You can alternate between moving quickly and slowly to get your dog to focus on keeping up with you while you veer in a new direction. This is a fantastic approach for you both to exercise your cardiovascular systems while improving your coordination.

Educate on a new skill

We don't agree with the adage that an old dog can't learn new tricks. There are many skills your dog may learn, and teaching him an interesting new trick is a fun way to bond with him while also keeping him occupied.

You may teach your dog new skills like shaking hands, spinning, playing dead, fetching, and standing up straight on its hind legs.

Shake paw to hand

Shake hands, the oldest dog trick, which gives a dog's shoulder muscles a good stretch. For a healthy indoor workout for your canine, perform 5–10 repetitions of both front paws. When traveling, you can also enjoy doing this in your hotel room.

Flirt pole

The flirt pole is essentially a canine fishing pole. You have two options for flirt poles: make one yourself or buy one already created. The only true equipment you require is some string, a  stick, and any appropriate toy that gets your canine partner excited.

Plan a playdate for your dog

Scheduling a puppy play date can be the perfect solution if your dog is socialized and content to be around other home dogs or pets that are also socialized, trained, and vaccinated.

This way, you’ll have a bunch of happy dogs and hopefully, a home that is still intact! 

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