Tips for Keeping Your Cat Healthy During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a stressful time for pet owners. Medical experts at the World Health Organization have determined it is highly unlikely that pets can transmit the virus to their owners. However, cats are vulnerable to contracting the virus from their owners. While evidence does not suggest that cats are highly susceptible to the virus in the same way that humans are, owners still need to be conscientious about mitigating their cats’ risk exposure. In addition, it’s important that owners continue doing everything that they can to benefit their cats’ overall health despite the disruption that the pandemic may have caused to your general routines. Ongoing care is essential for your cat’s well-being and longevity, and staying healthy will help to make them less likely to develop serious complications in the event that they get COVID-19.

Ensure That Your Cat Is Getting Proper Nutrition

Good health starts with good nutrition for both humans and animals alike. Cats can be finicky eaters, and they may not be receptive to eating the healthiest-made food. Nevertheless, food that sits in a dish doesn’t do your cat any good. Make it a point to give your cat food that’s both nutritious and delicious. Eating is one of any pet’s greatest pleasures, so it’s extremely important that you get your cat food that he or she will enjoy. Opt for a food that’s made of all natural or organic ingredients. Ideally, you should choose a food that’s formulated by a veterinarian and offers optimal nutritional content.

Support Healthy Digestion

Your cat’s digestive health is vital to assuring that he or she will be able to derive all of the nutritional value contained in his or her diet. Poor digestion can cause a buildup of unhealthy bacteria in your cat’s digestive tract, making it more difficult to digest food and process its vitamins and nutrients. Furthermore, poor digestion may have a negative impact on your cat’s energy levels, causing him or her to feel lethargic and be less physically active. In addition, it’s important to bear in mind that your cat’s gut health plays a strong role in his or her immune system function. Consider adding a nutritional supplement to your pet’s diet that is designed to promote healthy digestion with digestive enzymes and probiotics. A good supplement such as Nutra Thrive will also be an excellent source of vitamins and antioxidants to benefit your cat’s general wellness. Look for extra savings on Nutra Thrive with ultimate pet nutrition coupons.

Don’t Skip Visits to Your Veterinarian

Rising infection rates have caused a lot of people to skip seeing their own doctor during the pandemic, and some veterinary care providers have expressed concern that people may delay in getting regular preventative care for their pets. However, regular wellness exams are a vital part of caring for your pet’s health. When you bring your cat to the veterinarian for a checkup, the doctor can make sure that your cat is up to date with important vaccinations, check his or her oral health, and perform lab work to make sure that your cat is in good health. Cats tend to mask symptoms when they’re feeling unwell, so a thorough examination can be helpful in detecting an underlying medical condition. The earlier a condition is detected, the sooner you can intervene and spare your cat any type of unnecessary discomfort. Early detection is a significant advantage in effectively treating virtually every type of condition.

Keep Yourself Healthy

Your physical wellness is really important to your cat. He or she knows when you’re not feeling well, and it may cause him or her to feel acute stress. In order to take outstanding care of your cat, you have to take good care of your cat. Do what you can to keep yourself healthy and avoid unnecessary risk of exposure to the virus. If you test positive for COVID-19, you should ask someone else to care for your cat until you recover.

About the Author:

Mia Morales is a loving wife and mother of twins from Colorado. She is a self-described “DIY addict”, and loves to decorate her house and office with her creations. As a mother, Mia is really passionate about health, nutrition, and what she puts in her body. When she’s not writing, you can find her playing with her little dog and kids. Who says moms aren’t superheroes?

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