Tips and Tricks for Getting the Perfect Dog Selfie

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Taking a selfie with your dog can be a lot more challenging than you'd think. It can be tough to get your pet to look where you want and stay still enough for a focused image. If you push too hard, this experience will change from a fun memory to a stressful situation for you both.

Fortunately, there are a few simple tricks to help you capture a selfie of you and your fur baby. Here's what you need to do to get the perfect shot.

Choose the Right Time of Day

As in life, timing is everything when it comes to getting a photo with your pooch. Choose a time based on your dog's schedule.

Trying to get a selfie the moment you get home after being gone all day will likely be a disaster, as your dog will be energetic and happy to see you. Instead, wait until after you've had time to greet each other and burn off the excess energy. Similarly, it's best to ensure your dog is well-fed beforehand.

The time of day will also impact the quality of lighting that's available to you. Early morning and early evening shots are often the best, as the sun is low enough not to cause any glares or shadows. Using natural, diffused light is always best for taking photos. Avoid using the flash on your dog!

Use Treats

Don't hesitate to pay your model with some delicious treats for their cooperation. Know that it might take some practice for your dog to understand what's expected of them during your photo sessions.

Schedule a few mini-training sessions before you start snapping photos. Get your dog used to the camera, so they recognize the connection between selfie time and treat time. After a few experiences, they'll start to dig this time together.

Use an App

There are apps you can use to help draw your dog's attention during selfie time. DogCam is a fun app that makes sounds to get your dog to look at the camera. The options range from squeaky toys to birds to whistles.

Pay attention to your dog's body language when you use these apps. Some of the sounds could be upsetting or agitating to your pup.

Get on Their Level

Angles are everything when working a selfie. To get the best possible photo, get down on your dog's level so that your faces are side-by-side. This helps prevent any distortion from weird angles and makes it easier to get that perfect shot.

Getting on the same level also helps ensure both of your faces are in focus. Many auto-focus programs don't recognize dog faces and could blur your pet slightly.

Use Burst Mode

Burst mode will be your best friend when trying to get a photo with your dog. There's a good chance that he or she will move around, blink, or look away. By using burst mode, you can capture that split-second moment when they're looking where you need them to.

Using burst mode will also help you keep your photo sessions short and sweet. Take a bunch of snapshots and scroll through later to see what worked.

Know When to Stop

Finally, know when to stop your attempts at capturing a selfie and move onto other things. If your dog starts to get bored or agitated, or you start to feel frustrated and stressed out, it's time for a break. While it's nice to capture photos with your beloved canine companion, it's not worth the negativity or stress when it doesn't go quite right.

Use these simple tips to capture a beautiful selfie of you and your dog. With time and practice, you'll get it right. And, of course, share it with your friends or fans on social media, using some funny hashtags and captions. Browse the internet to get the idea.


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