The Secret to Staying Sane as You Work From Home With Pets

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The shift of the workplace is driving most of us nuts. Not only do we have to cope with this new change in routine, but we also have to work on establishing a balance between home-life and work.

Amidst this mess, the presence of pets, especially dogs, makes the situation all the more challenging. Certainly, none of us would want our little fur babies to feel neglected. Do we? But the workload makes it almost impossible to give them the attention they need! Plus, if you provide them with a greater share of your attention, work gets neglected.

Truly, crazy. Isn't it? Well, this post brings you a few handy tips to help you stay sane as you work from home with dogs!

Keep your pet entertained!

Try purchasing a few interactive toys and hand out a new one to the pet every day. Keep on swapping so that your furry pal doesn’t get bored. 

Perhaps, the most effective way to keep yourself meeting the deadlines on your vertical monitor is to arrange entertainment for your pets. Now, every pet seeks a different sort of enjoyment.

For example, dogs cherish barking and messing up in the mud outdoors.  Meanwhile, cats exhibit their adventurous nature indoors on high perches and scratching posts.  You’ll have to arrange entertainment depending on your particular pet type.  

Companions help

Well, another great way to cut down your share of duties towards your pet is to bring in a companion (for your pet, of course!). Be it another dog, a cat, or any other pet animal that could provide company to your dog.

We recommend getting a partner for your dog, preferably of the same age. It will help your dog indulge in playful activities and perhaps explore stuff around with their friend while you work. Note that the newcomer may demand some of your attention in the first few days. But eventually, as your old and new dog will establish a bond, they will become more engaged with one another. Thus, narrowing down the amount of time and attention required by your dog from you.

Most people would tell you not to get yourself into this mess as old dogs can become territorial of the house. It may lead to fights and whatnot. But, in truth, you should know that it's a long-term investment!

Train & Establish a Schedule

Nothing can be more distracting than work from home and being a pet parent.  Honestly, it is a dangerous combo to handle!

However, this does not hint that you should compromise on either of them. Both hold an immense position in your life and do not deserve negligence.

To puts things into order, you need to establish a schedule for your furry pal and train it accordingly. With you, your pup or kitty needs to adjust to the new change too. 

As a parent, you must discipline them about their particular playtime.  Follow a specific routine, and stick to it for a long period. You can train your pet to obey your command. And once they obey your command, reward them with pet treats, such as biscuits, steak bites, beef treats, etc. Soon, your pet will adapt to the change and come to play only in the dedicated time slot.

Maintain a balance

Working from home, you can decide whatever you want to do at whatever time. You have a flexible routine, which means working as per availability!

Only because you are working from home doesn’t mean that you should overwork yourself. Increased productivity certainly does not translate into increased workload!

Remember, you have a furry buddy to take care of and play with.  You certainly don’t want your pup to feel bored or isolated.  So, when working from home, you should maintain a balance. 

Divide the day into segments in which you will cater to a specific aspect. Get the work complete, put aside the folding desk, and then play with your pet.

Don't go harsh on your little buddy!

Lastly, ease down! You need to slow down! At times, we tend to focus so much on adjusting ourselves to the new norm that we often forget about what truly matters. Your four-legged mate might still not move out of your work-way or may start demanding even more attention if you enforce these changes upon yourself and your pet. Forced changes never yield long-lasting results. Hence, allow the changes in your new routine to come into effect on their own. Don't forget to live every moment of this once-in-a-lifetime journey.

About the Author:

Xavier James is a telecom engineer and a certified marketing trainer with a passion for writing, designing, and anything tech-related.

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