Genius Gift Ideas for Pets and Pet Owners

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Those who have pets or know someone who does will understand that they’re more than a fluffy pal on four legs. They’re part of the family, and many of us love them as if they were our children.

So, when Christmas or their birthday rolls around, we like to get them something special. However, knowing what to gift your cat or dog can be a toughie. We tend to buy them bones for chewing or toys to chase around. After all, what else is there? Well, fret no more. We’ve got some genius ideas that every family pet and their owner is bound to love.

Smart Collar

Toys and bones last a while, but they soon get lost or chewed to bits. A smart collar is a high-tech gadget that both pet and parent will use, and can also serve as a fashion statement. They come in various styles to suit canines of all sizes and tastes.

Smartwatches are extremely popular now, and this does a similar job for your pet. You can track how far they’ve walked, how many steps they take, and keep track of them with GPS, which means no more combing through the woods if they get lost. This gift is bound to be a hit.

Custom Pet Portrait


Family photos adorn the walls of many homes, so a portrait of your sister’s favorite pet would be an excellent addition. You can opt to gift a photo session at a top studio or for pet portraits at Instapainting for a more classic style. The latter takes a snapshot of any animal and turns it into a beautiful oil painting.

Water Fountain

It’s not uncommon to find a pup or kitty taking a sip of water from the toilet if they’ve emptied their bowl unbeknownst to their human. A water fountain enables your pet to get a drink when they want and enjoy the novelty of sipping from something other than stationary water.

Dog Sofa

Many animal lovers can often be seen cuddling with their best friend on the couch while watching a movie. However, not all pets are allowed on the furniture, and some are too big. In comes the dog sofa, where your pup can feel like a part of the family during cinema night but won’t be getting hairs all over the cushions or taking up valuable human space.

Folding Bathtub


Getting your pet in the bath can be a nightmare, not to mention the wet mess you have on your hands with all the splashing and shaking on their way out. This bathtub can be set up wherever you need, and at a comfortable height, so you don’t break your back bending over.

Your friend or family member can clean their animal outside on a hot day or in their garage to save the carpet.

Get Shopping

There you have it: the best and most genius gift ideas for everyone you know with a pet they love. Buy something meaningful like a portrait that can hang with the rest of the family. Or maybe they’ll appreciate something more practical with a smart collar, water fountain, or bathtub. Help them keep their pets included with the rest of the family on movie nights with a comfy sofa.

Whichever present you opt for, we’re sure the animal lovers in your life will be over the moon with excitement for the thoughtful choice you made.


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