The Pros & Cons of Bringing Your Dog to Work

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For dog-owners, their four-legged furballs are not merely pets. They are their best buddies and loyal companions.

Going through hardships and success together, many of us have a deep emotional connection with our dogs. This is why stress and worry surround us when we have to leave these furry friends alone for work.

During the lockdowns, a lot of us were more than happy to work from home. The remote work allowed us to take care of our pets while maintaining work performance too.  However, the arrival of a new year has shifted gears. 

More and more people are returning to work. And, surprisingly, more companies are now allowing people to take their pets to work.  However, is it even a good idea?  Is bringing your dog to work going to create an imbalance in your life?

Well, here is a detailed evaluation of the pros and cons of bringing your dog to work. Read more to help make your decision!

The Pros

Well, deep down, we all want our fur balls to accompany us on the and in the office. But why? Why do we feel like it? And is it even good for you? Let’s have a look.

Reduces Anxiety

Perhaps, the reason that you have that urge inside of you is that the presence of your pet soothes you. Studies have proven the fact that petting an animal can easily reduce stress levels. And this very fact can come in handy when it comes to workplaces. There’s already loads of pressure in offices, dealing with urgent deadlines and never-ending calls. In such a scenario, pets can enhance the mood, lower stress, and consequently boost productivity. 

Strengthens Relationships with Clientele

Did you know? Having pets around in the office gives off a positive impression to the visitors and clients. If they get to pet and even interact with the pet, they feel even more positively about the business. Hence, the business develops and an overall positive and friendly reputation in the market. With a softer image, you’ve greater chances of a growing clientele. Certainly, proper care for pets is highly necessary in this case.

Better Recruitment

Allowing a pet in a workplace is a perk for an employee. So, for both employees and businesses, it initiates a great deal. Most people with a pet would prefer taking their pets along, and if a certain business allows them to do so, they get to hire them in their team, boosting productivity. Similarly, for employees, it eases things out.

Conserves Money

Well, it’s a cost-efficient plan too! If a company permits its employees to bring in their pets, the employees won’t have to spend on pet care. They won’t have to worry about what’s their four-legged buddy might be doing at the moment. It will also save time as employees won’t ask for breaks now and then, to go home and check up on their pets.

The Cons 

Above, we have evaluated all the positives of bringing your dog home.  However, there a few downsides that you shouldn’t ignore too!

Disruptions & Time management

Honestly, not everyone is going to like the dog around.  Barking, whining, and other sounds can make working difficult. Plus, your pet dog can disturb colleagues on their work desk, they may ruin their keyboard when you are not around.

Also, let’s not forget the time your dog will require. Potty-breaks, feeding times, and other parts of dog care can make work challenging in an office environment.

Phobias & Allergies

Moreover, some people may have allergies and diseases that may become worse with dog fur.  Some colleagues may even have a dog phobia. Bringing dogs in a place with people that fear it can cause some serious disturbances. Also, your dog may get in a fight with other dogs!

Final Thoughts

Summing up, bringing your dog to work can be both good and bad for you. The final decisions come down to your preferences and comfort zone. However, if you can’t choose between the two, we recommend taking your pet along because life is all about enjoying it! It's almost as if every single thing comes with a drawback. So, better live with it than without it!


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