Take the Guesswork, and Stress, Out of Owning Your First Pet

Making the decision to add a pet to your life is a major step that comes with some equally major decisions and tasks. You have to take some very important steps to make sure your life and your home are ready for this level of commitment. That said, having a pet can also provide a lifetime of love and happiness. So, keep these important points in mind before you become a pet owner for the first time.

Buy a Fur-Friendly Vacuum and Lots of Lint Rollers

When you decide to add a pet to your life, you will inevitably be adding a lot of fur and dander to your home. You can take care of any excess shedding with proper grooming, but to keep your carpets, furniture, and fabrics allergen-free, you’ll definitely want to invest in a powerful vacuum. Reading reviews to find a quality vacuum now will save you lots of headaches in the future by picking up fur with minimal effort and taking irritating dander out of your home’s air.

To pick up fur from clothing and other surfaces, be sure to keep a few lint rollers or hair removal tools on hand as well. There are even mitts and brushes to make grooming your dog or cat a breeze. You’ll want to take other steps to prep your home as well to prevent messes and accidents from getting in the way of bonding with your new pal. If you have not already placed toxic cleaners, chemicals, and plants out of reach, secure these hazards in a cabinet or high spot out of the way of curious little noses. Baby gates and crates can be used to set boundaries for companion animals and keep them out of harm’s way.

Take the Work Out of Caring for Your Pet

The less time you spend on day-to-day petcare tasks, the more time you will have for all those snuggles and cuddle sessions. So, minimize those to-dos by looking for tools and tech to make your life easier. Cats are fairly low-maintenance, but one of the worst tasks for owners to complete is scooping out the litter box. A self-cleaning litter box can make all that sifting and scooping a thing of the past while keeping your home smelling fresh with ease. But be sure to do your homework and read online reviews to find a model that really works. Some are easier to use than others, while others may have a lower price point to better fit your budget

Check out other helpful tools as well, like a scooper to ease the pain of picking up after your dog, or self-feeding bowls to make mealtime simpler. Having the right training is important, especially for a new puppy or dog. You can find online resources to teach your pup the ropes, or you can hire a professional trainer to help with more serious behavioral issues. It’s also a good idea to schedule a check-up with a veterinarian, so you can assess your pet’s health, rule out any problems that could cause negative behaviors, and take care of preventative care.

Figure Out Which Pet Is Right for You

Okay, so keeping your home clean is important when you have a new pet. Finding a pet that’s perfect for you, however, should really be your top concern. Think about the size of your home, what activities you like to do every day, and the time you really have to take care of your new pet. If you work full-time, for example, you may be better off picking a cat (or two), so you don’t have to worry as much about potty breaks. If you do get a dog and work 40 hours a week, check out breeds that are lower energy, and make arrangements to have a dog walker help you out.

Also, many people forget to take their allergies into mind, but there are ways to manage your symptoms and still enjoy the benefits of owning a pet. This another reason you should keep pets groomed, but regular cleaning will help ease sneezing and itchiness as well.

Whatever pet you choose, know that it will take time to build a bond with any new animal. Be patient as you get to know your new BFF, and give them space as they adjust to their new home. Pets adopted from rescues or shelters may need some extra TLC and time, but once they’ve settled in, they can make for some of the best pets.

The nighttime cuddles, the nose boops, and the puppy parties at the front door — there are so many wonderful perks to being a first-time pet owner! However, along with those adorable benefits come some pretty major responsibilities. After all, caring for a new pet means being totally responsible for another life. So, make sure you are ready for all that pet ownership will bring to your life, from the mundane daily tasks to the major challenges, so you can be ready for all the love and rewards along the way!


Photo Credit: Pexels

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