Pets Who Inspired Famous Artists

Our pets can encourage us in many ways. From motivating us to be active, adopting carefree attitudes, or just having a lazy day in the sunlight, animals never fail to make us feel better. Some human-pet pairs even mirror each other’s personality traits. That’s probably where the terms “dog person” and “cat person” came from to describe pet preferences. Not only do those people prefer certain animals, but they prefer them because their character traits are similar.

If our beloved pets positively influence our mental health and emotional states, it begs the question of what other areas of our lives they affect. Of course, having pets can be negative financially or materially. Veterinary visits, special food, and repairing the stained carpet or torn couch can cost a pretty penny. But it’s worth it, right? They’re man’s best friend, after all.

Well, you’re not alone in taking inspiration from your sweet furry friend. Artists throughout the world and history attribute many works, and even success, to their pets. Whether it’s coming out with an entire collection of animal-centered pieces like Andy Warhol or simply being influenced by companionship like Henri Matisse, pets played a significant role in the success of many artists.

Check out the visual below from Invaluable to see how various famous artists and their pets found success.

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