If You Just Adopted a New Dog, Do These 5 Things First

Bringing a new dog home is a delightful experience. However, stats show that 20% of adopted dogs are returned to shelters after a few initial days. Several professional trainers revealed that this unfortunate percentage occurs because of some common mistakes new adopters make. Getting fed up of the unusual behavior or inability to train the new dog are a few of them.

Whether we talk about the famous German shepherd or a pit bull, preparations before welcoming a new dog are mandatory. This article will discuss some essentials you must consider when you adopt a new dog.

So, let us have a look:

1.    Dog-Proof the Home

A new dog is just like a newborn baby who is coming to your house. Be sure that the home is clean and is free from all dangerous things for the new furry friend. Here is the checklist:

  • Bathrooms

Scents of rat poison are highly attractive to dogs, but they are poisonous. Therefore, before you bring a dog into your home, get rid of the rat poison, or any other pesticide. Also, keep chemicals, bleaches, and detergents in the highest cabinet so your dog can’t reach them. Similarly, make sure that the floor of the bathroom remains dry. New dogs stay shy or even try to run away if they do not feel comfortable. In this case, a wet floor might result in an injury.

  • Lounge/Den

A plugged-in cord can be life-threatening for the dog as they can chew them anytime. Even if it is unplugged, it can result in choking. Untrained dogs are so unpredictable, so try to keep the lounge neat and tidy to avoid accidents. Things like pins, toys, or other pointed objects should be kept out of reach.

  • Bedrooms

Bedrooms are usually benign when it comes to dogs. However, keeping your jewelry and hair clips in a lock is a good precautionary measure. Cleaning is another important aspect. Dogs are likely to create a mess and may urinate at unusual places in the beginning. Carpet Cleaning states that the bulk of the carpets they receive is because of pet urination. If a dog licks the same area, chances of infection become high. Therefore, make sure to keep the house clean.

2.   Select A Vet

No, it is not premature to select a vet at the time of adoption. Some adoption organizations require you to fill the name of the vet in the adoption form. This makes the process smoother. Here are a few things to note when selecting a vet:

  • Availability in emergencies
  • Cost per visit
  • Distance from home
  • Qualification and experience
  • Reviews form friends, family, and social media
  • Operation timings

When you have selected the best vet, visit and ask some common questions about food, medicines, and other vital tips for the new pup. It’s not mandatory to follow every advice. However, you should have basic knowledge of how to take care of a dog.

3.   Purchase Essential Supplies

You do not need to stock up all dog supplies. However, the first week of adoption is full of excitement. Therefore, buying a few things will be convenient. Visit a pet store and buy some items for your new friend. Do not forget to take tips from friends and family who already own a dog. For the first month, you can even borrow some supplies and check the results.

Never buy things from the first section you see. Always see the whole store carefully and then analyze the things that are good for your dog. Some common items to buy are:

  • Dog toys
  • Dog food
  • Pet bed
  • Dog crate
  • Collar
  • Separate bowls for water and food
  • Small treats


Use a soft blanket as your dog’s bed. You can also buy a small collar from your vet. Some vets give it for free while others charge a small fee for it. These collars have a D ring and a handle, so it is convenient to grip.

4.   Training Is Mandatory

Even after the first week of adoption, seek out a professional dog trainer. This training is helpful for both the dog and the owner. It helps in setting out rules in the house, and things start becoming smoother. Though you might need to invest around $100, the training is worth every penny. It provides incredible peace of mind and helps in keeping your dog calm. Dogs are very keen on knowing their boss, and this training is ideal in letting them become familiar. Since you will invest a good amount in it, take out some time for researching the best trainer before you decide. Join training groups on social media, ask friends and family, or take advice from the vet.

5.   Give Your Dog Time to Settle

You might notice unusual behaviors in the new dog. Since it is a big change, running from one room to another and spending long hours sleeping in a comfortable bed is like a dream come true for him. The dog will take the time to explore the new home and will love to sleep. Do not worry, let him sleep it off and spend the waking hours cuddling, loving, and playing with him. Even if the dog does accidents inside of your home, don’t panic at once! The dog is new and is likely peeing out of fear or frustration. You must give the dog time to settle in before you start thinking about catering him off.

Final Thoughts

In short, welcoming a new pet dog is filled with excitement and love. You may spend hours playing and cuddling it, but taking care of a few things is essential for you and your dog’s wellbeing. From dog-proofing and vet selection to training and supplies, every important step is essential in the first few days of adoption. With a little time, effort, and investment, your adopted dog will become a well-mannered and loving pet.

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