How to Make Your Home Interior Dog-Friendly

Deciding to get a dog is certainly a big decision that will change your daily routine and overall lifestyle. You will have to incorporate regular walks into your schedule and stay on the hunt for the best snacks and treats for your new pup. While those steps are encouraged to make your dog feel as comfortable as possible, you’ll really want to focus on adjusting your home’s interior to make it dog friendly. If you are wondering how exactly you can achieve this, here are some great tips to help you.

Establish Their Own Spaces

You should always be sure to give your dog their own designated spaces for when they come home for the first time. 

Getting them a dog bed, the best dog food, and a training pad is a great start. You want to be sure to keep each of these items in the same spot at least for the first few months. Not only will this help the dog become more comfortable in the space, but it will help him or her to develop consistent sleeping, eating, and bathroom habits. 

Especially when utilizing a training pad, it can be confusing for the dog to understand where it is acceptable to go as they get accustomed to your home. However, if you keep a consistent initial placement and your dog picks up on where to use the bathroom, you can slowly begin to move it to different areas of your home, and eventually outside. Over time, they will attach bathroom usage to the training pad itself, not just the location it’s in.

Eliminate Hanging or Unsteady Objects

As your puppy becomes older, he or she will become much more rambunctious and active. Playing will become their favorite thing to do, and with their rapid growth, this can mean a lot of clumsy accidents throughout your house. 

To minimize hazards, try to make it a point to move hanging objects out of reach and stabilize unsteady furniture and decor. Oftentimes puppies will chew and grab onto anything they can find to keep themselves busy, especially during playtime, but you do not want this to be your curtains. Instead, try getting curtain ties to hold them up and out of the way. 

For furniture pieces and decor, ensure that they are secured to walls or at a great distance from the edge of tabletops. This way, if your dog does bump or nudge something in the house, you won’t have to worry about anything being broken or your pup getting hurt. Don’t forget to have plenty of toys available, so your puppy can chew to their heart’s content without damaging things they aren’t supposed to.

Hide or Store Valuables

With a new, curious puppy running around in your home, you want to make sure to tuck away anything of value that you may have left lying around previously. 

Your dog will not know right from wrong initially, which may introduce reasons to look for a trainer. However, even without one, the best thing you can do until then is keep anything valuable hidden away.

You should keep fragile items stored in a place that cannot be shaken or disturbed by your puppy. Also, that favorite shirt or pair of shoes you own should be kept in a closed closet away from your puppy. 

Without taking these extra precautions, you risk coming home to torn clothes, broken valuables, or other damage that could have been prevented, and in the worst cases, an injured pet.

Strategically Place Pest Traps and House Plants

One of the most important steps to remember in getting a new dog is to move all pest traps and house plants away from his or her reach. Obviously, mouse traps and insect poison would be toxic and harmful to your puppy. So, you’ll want to place them in small crevices and areas where your dog cannot reach. Really take your time in checking if they are secure to keep your puppy safe. 

Also, try keeping house plants out of their reach as well given that many are poisonous to dogs. If you are to buy one, make sure you do thorough research on whether or not the plant is pet safe.

Implement Home Protection 

While you may take all the precautions to keep your new dog and home safe, not everything will be perfect from the get-go, so don’t stress yourself out about it too much. However, to help give you peace of mind, you should look into home protection options that will save you time and money if there is damage to your home. 

Most commonly, homeowners will place Clawguard tape or puppy protectors around their homes to prevent cosmetic damage to doors, windows, and large appliances. However, if you worry about your puppy doing any further damage to well-functioning appliances and systems in your house, home warranties can help with repairs so you can better protect your space. Unfortunately, puppy damage is not covered under most homeowner’s insurance plans, so a home warranty is the next best option to ensure at least your expensive home systems are protected.

Getting a new puppy in your home is a joy, and you should take advantage of the new loving relationship the two of you will have. Small tips like these will surely help your dog and home to be safe. While these are all important steps on their own, they will ultimately help you to focus on the important and memorable experiences you and your dog will build together.


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