7 Awesome Tips To Live In A Tiny Home With Your Pup

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

It doesn’t matter how small your tiny house is, you can totally design it in a way that makes it comfortable for all the members of your family- including your pets! We’re not saying to decorate the place with paw-prints from the floor to the ceiling, but there are certain things that you can do to make the space comfortable when living in a tiny home with your pet. 

1. A Well-Positioned Bed

Most tiny homes have an elevated loft bed, and most people use the space underneath the bed as extra storage. But, you can use it to create a deconstructed kennel with a dog bed so that your pup has his own comfortable space to sleep in and a place to stay safe whenever you have to leave for work or school.

Fit the space with a comfortable and firm memory foam mattress and create a sanctuary for your pet.

2. Maximize the Space

You need to use the space really well. For instance, if you have a staircase, build storage into every stair to store your pup’s toys, food, and blankets, etc. Conserving space is crucial especially if you’re going to live with a pup, so having hidden storage is a great way to make the house feel roomier than it looks.

3. Invest in a Pull-out Couch Bed

There are some great pull-out couches on the market that you can get which transform into a full-sized bed. You can use the extra space to lounge out with your pup while watching movies or just hanging out.

4. Get Ready for Cleanup

There is a lot of cleaning required when you live with a pup in your house. Your upholstery will be covered in fur so it’s a good idea to invest in a sticky roller to remove the fur every other day. You will also have to clean, vacuum, and furminate your pet daily as well.

When it comes to odors, they are often exacerbated by moisture, so it helps to add something that soaks up the moisture such as Diatomaceous earth to your litter boxes or compost toilet. This will come in handy at night because your pets will mostly spend their time outside of the house during the day. 

5. Prioritize Training and Exercise

Considering how small a tiny house is, there probably isn’t much room for your pet to move around in. So, it’s important to prioritize regular exercise as well as training so that they get physical and mental stimulation.

The training will also help your pet to be adaptable and cope on those days when you’re not able to get your pet to exercise due to inclement weather, for example. Even large dogs that need a lot of stimulus such as German shepherds can be trained to adapt and not bounce around and damage things in the tiny house on days when there’s little to no activity.

6. Airflow

A tiny house can get quite warm inside, especially in the summer. So, be sure to invest in air conditioning or make sure that there are multiple openings to facilitate proper airflow.

7. Splurge

If the budget allows, you could even build a doggie elevator that you can use to deliver your pooch up to the upper loft if you have a tiny house with high ceilings. This is just a fun feature that you can create on the weekend- just because.

If being with your pup makes you happy, then living tiny can give you the freedom to do the things that you both enjoy such as hiking and traveling without the demands of having a mortgage or traditional living arrangements. Your pup will certainly make your life more interesting so be sure to use these tips to live a happy and harmonious life with your pet. 

About the Author: 

Anelisa is a freelance copywriter, a nature lover, and an inquisitive mind. She lives a holistic lifestyle with her daughter, and enjoys being at the beach, reading and learning about bio-hacking, nutrition, permaculture, and spirituality.

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