How to create a delightful pet-friendly backyard

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The joy and relaxation of playing with a pet outside or simply watching it have fun on its own, running and exploring, are things every pet-owner desires. The freedom of movement and safety when exploring are most important factors to consider when deciding that it is time to completely move the pet to the backyard or letting it enjoy the physical activity during the day.

Enough space

Leaving the pet in the backyard to its own devices is perfectly fine if the owner is completely sure that nothing can go wrong. Therefore, it is essential to provide enough space for your pet to snoop and play without having to crawl through different obstacles, catching fur on plants and wires, getting dirty all over and being limited to one tiny area that is not sufficient for a proper activity. Organize your yard efficiently so that nothing will be on the pet’s way when outside.

How to create a delightful pet-friendly backyard

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Secure the space

No one would want their pet to run away or someone else to be able to take them from the yard with ease. A good quality fence around the yard would solve this problem. When deciding the height of the fence, choose it according to the pet’s ability to jump over it. Make sure that the materials you use for the fence are safe and sturdy so that they will not hurt the pet in any way when they lean on the fence or pass by it.

Clean up the mess

Keep your gardening tools and other bits and pieces that pets could find attractive in a safe place such as garage. When these are stored away you will have your piece of mind. Not only will you avoid an ugly mess in the backyard, but you will also make sure that your pet does not get too excited mistaking the tools for toys thus ruining them or even worse, hurting itself with them. For example, garden scissors are an obvious danger but even gardening gloves can be a hazard if your pet starts chewing on them.

Get rid of all the toxins

It is reasonable to assume that responsible pet-owners will definitely keep dangerous chemicals such as plant fertilizers, gasoline bottles, etc. away from the yard, but even some plants that look beautiful can present a health peril for sensitive pets’ stomachs. Eating these plants can make the pet sick and sometimes cause some even more serious issues so check your garden for any possible toxic beauties that could harm your animal friend. 

How to create a delightful pet-friendly backyard

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Shelter from the hot and cold

Every pet needs its own place to rest, hide and sleep when outside which is why it is necessary to build or buy a perfect little pet house for them. This is a must, especially for pets who are not allowed in the house in general and the backyard is their only kingdom. Pets need protection from bad weather the same as people and they should be able to have their own space to feel cozy when it rains or it is really hot or cold outside.

Keep the water available

It would be best to have a fresh source of water so that your pet can cool and rehydrate whenever it is necessary. Adding some interesting features to the backyards such as small fountains and streams would not only look great but will also mean a lot to your furry pal. Safety should not be ignored in this area either. Make sure that there will be no danger of pet slipping into the water especially if you have a pool by adding adequate flooring. One can find Himalayan anti-slip sandstone tiles that can be very useful for pet protection around water.

How to create a delightful pet-friendly backyard

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Owners know their pets the best and it is up to them if they decide to add some additional items into the yard in order to keep their pets even happier. Still, abovementioned tips are basics for securing a comfortable and harmonious life outside the house for a dear animal family member. 

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