5 Stylish and Safe Pet Fences

If you’re looking to add a furry friend to your family, you’ve probably written a checklist of the things you need to be prepared. Food and water bowl? Check. Crate? Check. Toys and snacks? Double check. But what about a protective fence? In order to keep your new pet safe, consider adding a fence to your yard to ensure his or her safety. We’ve selected a few styles that are great for pet owners looking to keep dogs and cats in and danger out.

1. Dark Metal Fence

If your pet is well-trained, can be trusted outside by himself, or isn’t consumed by curiosity, you may be able to get away with a short, decorative fence. Old-style iron or updated aluminum are excellent materials for a traditionally styled home. These sophisticated decorative fences offer minimal privacy, moderate security and lots of style. This type of fence is best used for tall homes featuring multiple stories or older homes with elegant features. It’s not suitable for sprawling homes, as it makes the property look small, and it’s definitely not appropriate if you have a slinky cat or you’re training a curious puppy with an affinity for digging holes.

2. Corrugated Fence

5 Stylish and Safe Pet Fences

This modern approach to fencing is suitable for all pet owners, as it is a durable choice that keeps pets in contained. Featuring a masculine, industrial style, corrugated fencing is budget-friendly, and those with moderate DIY skills can even build their own. Corrugated fencing looks best with modern, edgy estates that have large windows, contrasting details and metallic or natural finishes. However, if you like the idea of corrugated fencing, you should take your climate into consideration. Metal fences tend to rust over time, and the process can be sped up if you live in a humid or rainy area. 

3. Wooden Fence

5 Stylish and Safe Pet Fences

This classic go-to is a favorite among pet owners because of its ability to blend seamlessly into a home’s exterior style. It’s also tall enough to keep pets’ curiosity at bay. Wooden fences are affordable and durable options. They can also be painted, stained and sealed, all without ruining their structure or texture. The lumbar can be tightened to ensure there is no space between each plank, creating optimal privacy for you as well as security for your furry friend. Wood fences, however, require regular maintenance. You will have to repaint and reseal the fence every year or so to preserve its look. Vertical wood fences are also best suited for taller residences, as they pull the eye upward.

4. Stone Fence

5 Stylish and Safe Pet Fences

While this style is beautiful, it is best kept for older cats and dogs that are unable to jump or climb easily. Stone walls adapt to many styles, from traditional to cottage, and they add an extra layer of style to your exterior’s space while ensuring maximum privacy. Stone walls are best for those with large budgets, as most stone fences tend to take a lot of time and money to build. Shorter stone fences are excellent options for pet owners that live on large properties and allow their animals to roam as they please. However, tall stone fences are excellent for small, mischievous animals that need to be left outside for a long period of time. 

5. Electric Fence

5 Stylish and Safe Pet Fences

If you’re not particularly fond of installing a fence on your property or you simply don’t have the space, consider opting for an electric fence instead. It will keep your pet in safe perimeters without hindering your view or changing the look of your yard. It’s a less expensive option than traditional fencing, and can be installed in under a day. Electric fences are the perfect option for pets that spend most of their time unsupervised outside. Be sure to check your local ordinances before installing an electric fence.


Which fencing style is most suitable for you and your pet?


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