How Can You Make a Difference On Take Your Dog To Work Day


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How Can You Make a Difference On Take Your Dog To Work Day

What an exciting day June 21, 2019 will be - Take Your Dog to Work Day will be taking place in the US, UK, New Zealand, and many other countries with a passion for pooches. The event marks the importance of dogs to human health and well-being. After all, recent studies have shown that businesses that allow pets at work reap big benefits - employees enjoy drops in stress, greater physical activity, and better social interaction. If your office will be celebrating this special day, why not make it extra special by making a joint effort to make the world a better place for dogs? Of course, ensuring your dog is comfy throughout the day by providing him with a comfortable bed is key as well.

Harnessing The Power Of Social Media

Social media is a crucial way for businesses to stay connected with their clients and collaborating businesses, so if you're celebrating Take Your Dog to Work Day, think of how you can use your social pages in a dynamic way. You might want to upload a fabulous group picture, or take a short video of your furry friends ‘hard at work’. You can also use social media to raise awareness about the many ways that dogs can benefit office workers. For instance, organize a lunchtime walk to the park with your colleagues and upload an Instagram story of the event. Include another story letting your audience know that having a dog is linked to greater physical activity. Various short walks a day can help office workers battle sedentarism, so remind your audience of how dangerous sitting all day can be.

Raising Funds For A Good Cause

You might want to open a fund page, organize a fun run, or sell cookies, raffle tickets or company products a to raise funds for a pet charity everyone at the office supports. If you know a good local dog shelter that really needs support, why not make a difference by donating food and medication? You can also hold an auction at your office at lunchtime, or invite everyone to take part in a competition (such as a funniest dog competition - including various categories so more that everyone takes something home).

Making It Permanent

How do you think you would feel if every workday was Take Your Dog to Work Day? Don’t you think your dog would love it as well? Many dogs are alone for extended periods, which isn’t great for their exercise levels or their happiness. If Take Your Dog to Work runs smoothly at your office, you and your colleagues might take the leap and request that the office become friendly. To convince your bosses, let them know that Google, Amazon, and Etsy all allow and encourage the presence of healing pooches. Moreover, Forbes notes that if you want to attract millennials to your workplace, then you’d better consider a dog-friendly workplace. One hospital recently conducted a pet-friendly study, asking over 1,200 employees and Human Resources managers about the effects of having pets at work. Between 75% to 95% of the time, participants agreed that a pro-pet policy improved worker morale, provided a better work-life balance, and enhanced relationships between workers.

Bringing The Essentials

While thinking of how to better the world for your dog, don’t forget to include all the doggy essentials he will need on his day at work. These include a comfortable bed that supports his body with the right blend of firmness and softness. Your dog should also have water, a couple of snacks, and his favorite toy or security blanket.

Dogs do so much for human beings by simply being present. However, Take Your Dog to Work Day is a magnificent occasion on which to improve their lives as well. From raising funds for needy dogs to encouraging bosses to convert the office into a pet-friendly spot, you can make June 21 a day to remember for you and your colleagues.

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