Four Security Solutions for Pet Owners

Pet owners know that it’s important to keep their furry friends safe, in the same way that parents want to keep their kids safe. Although it’s impossible to always be at home to watch Fido’s every move, it is possible to incorporate different types of security solutions into your home to make sure he’s taken care of while everyone is away.

We’ve identified some of the best security solutions for pet owners, including video surveillance, monitoring and mobile updates. Only the best for our pets, right?

Video Surveillance

Four Security Solutions for Pet Owners

Not to be confused with bulky security systems of the past, today’s options have been updated to feature high quality image, video and sound technology. Video cameras are now the size of microchips and easily embed into inconspicuous everyday decor like rocks, picture frames and kitchen appliances.

Video surveillance is a great tool for pet security because you can easily monitor their everyday activities without being a visible distraction. You can strategically place video cameras in areas of the house where your dog moves throughout the day or near their crate, bed or food dishes. Many systems allow you to watch live video feed of your home—in case you want to make sure everything is running smoothly with the pet sitter—or you can just watch recorded still frames (for example, if you suspect one of your pets has a habit of chewing the couch cushions while you’re away).

Motion Sensors

Four Security Solutions for Pet Owners

You may be wondering how motion sensors can alert you of criminal activity or emergencies if your pets are always running around. With new technology and increasing popularity, most motion sensors are now equipped with selective sensitivity. This means you can adjust the amount or type of motion that should be considered an emergency. Some security motion sensors even allow you to adjust the height and width of the motion. For instance, an alarm will trigger if something bigger than 80 pounds and taller than 5 feet moves within the house, but it won’t alarm if your 10-pound terrier scampers through the living room. Still, we recommend you only place motion sensors in areas where your pets aren’t as inclined to go, such as hallways or back entrances they aren’t familiar with.

Automated Lock Systems

Four Security Solutions for Pet Owners

We can all be forgetful sometimes. If you run off to the store for an hour or leave in the morning without locking the front door, your pets can’t turn the deadbolt to protect themselves and the house. Automated lock systems make it easy for you to lock and unlock doors, windows, garages and even doggy doors just in case you forget to do so on your way out. This is especially important for pets that have a habit of escaping through any unlocked area in the house. Phone apps, mobile text messages and websites now allow you to run your home’s security all through the convenience of your smartphone.

Custom Alerts

Four Security Solutions for Pet Owners

One of our favorite home security features is the ability to have custom alerts and reminders sent to your mobile device. You can set an alert for when your cat tries to rummage through the pantry, or even if you left the stove on after making breakfast this morning. Custom alerts are available through many types of Wi-Fi home security systems.

It’s always nice to know your pets are being taken care of when you’re away, even if they are home alone. With customizable security solutions and systems in place specifically for pet owners, it’s easier than ever to automate your home and tailor your security to your exact needs. With all these options at your disposal, picking your security system should be a breeze—though we can’t guarantee the same for training your new puppy!

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