6 Mistakes to Avoid When Storing Dog Food

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Whether you are a new pet owner or a parent of many fur babies, storing their food properly is always of great importance. This can help you avoid getting your puppy sick and having an upset tummy. Storing dog food the right way also ensures that nutrients stay fresh for longer and offer more benefits to your dog’s health.

Along with your dog’s food, it is also important to store their treats with just as much care. While you might already have a routine you follow with storing their food, you could always learn something new. Here are some common mistakes to avoid while storing your best friend’s food and treats.

1. Not storing food in its original case

Storing dog food in its original packaging is very important. While you might think it is better to just keep the food in an air-tight container, keeping the packaging is significant for many reasons. One of these reasons is for you to be able to check the expiration date of the product.

In addition to that, you might end up needing certain information in case a batch is recalled or has any other issue. Maybe your dog ends up forming an allergy or having an upset tummy because of new food. Keeping the packaging will help you make sure that you have the ingredients list and other essential information that could help you in every situation

2. Leaving dry dog food without a seal

Another common mistake new dog owners often make is keeping the dry dog food in a generic container without a seal. Air-tight containers are always the best option to choose when it comes to storing pet food. This is the best way to ensure that moisture and other foreign bodies will not get trapped along with the food.

This way, the food will remain of great quality and full of nutrients for your best friend. You can easily find affordable air-tight containers at supermarkets or even on Amazon. Just make sure you get one that is big enough to fit both the packaging and the food.

3. Leaving wet dog food out for too long

Leaving your dog’s wet food outside for half an hour during the winter will probably not pose a threat to their health. Doing the same during the summer though can have very bad consequences. It is always important to remember to store their food in the fridge if any is left.

If there is no space to store it, throwing the remaining away is your best option. The same applies to leaving the wet food in their bowl for too long. If it is hot outside, there are more chances for bacteria to grow, which can be harmful to your dog. Throwing the food away, even if they don’t eat it on time, is the best option.

4. Not cleaning your dog’s food bowl frequently

Even if you are feeding your dog only dry food, it is still influential to frequently clean their food bowl. The best way to do that is by washing it with soap and water. This will ensure that it is free of germs and leftover things from previous meals. If you’re a student living with a dog, it’s easy to forget to clean your dog’s bowl because of a writing assignment

If the bowl is not cleaned properly, fat and food residue can stay behind and spoil. This will degrade the quality of your pet’s food and potentially become a hazard to its health. Therefore, cleaning the food bowl thoroughly should become one of your main priorities when it comes to caring for your dog’s nutrition and health.

5. Topping up the food in the container

One more thing to keep in mind when it comes to storing your dog’s food is to never simply top up its food container. While you might buy the same food every time, leaving food at the bottom of the container and simply refilling it can be a problem.

If it is past its expiration date, it can become harmful and degrade the quality of the rest of the food in the bag. Apart from that, it can become stale and not good for your dog to eat. The best way to avoid it from happening is to only add more food if the dog has eaten it all first. Clean the container right before refilling it and all will be well.

6. Not checking the expiration dates frequently

Last but not least, another mistake to avoid is not checking the expiration dates frequently enough. Sometimes, pet stores offer great deals on big bags of food that can provide food for your dog for quite a few months. Depending on the size and breed of your furry friend, this food can last up to six months.

If the food is left in the container for too long and is not being consumed as quickly, it can expire without you noticing. Making sure to check the expiration date from the day you purchase the food is essential, so it stays good for your dog to consume.

Keeping your dog’s food as fresh and healthy as can be

All the previously mentioned mistakes can be very easily avoided and ensure your pet’s food stays of the best quality. These steps will help your puppy stay healthy and strong throughout its entire life.

If you are a new pet owner and have made one of these mistakes, don’t feel bad. What is important is that you acknowledge it and work on improving. This shows your true love for your dog and will help you take care of it and keep them healthy for the rest of their life.

About the Author:

Jessica Fender is a professional writer and educational blogger at Valuablewriters. Jessica enjoys sharing her ideas to make writing and learning fun.

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