The Essentials of Natural Pet Care

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If you’ve ever owned a pet, chances are you’ve already encountered and made some choices about natural care. Natural pet care is different from traditional veterinary medicine. It typically does not involve the use of drugs or chemicals. Instead, it emphasizes natural therapies and the prevention of illness through diet, exercise, supplements and dental hygiene.

And now natural health is becoming more popular as people try to live cleaner, more conscious lives for themselves. Naturally, they want their pets to have this lifestyle too! This article will explore natural pet care — from organic CBD products to proper exercise — so your furry friend can thrive on a natural diet without any antibiotics or hormones.

What is natural pet care?

The natural approach to pet care has been around for centuries. Still, it has gained some ground in recent years as people try to live cleaner, more natural lifestyles. Here are the basics of natural pet care:

1) Avoid chemicals and drugs

Natural remedies can be just as effective as modern veterinary medicine. In addition, they can save you and your pet a lot of unnecessary trouble. For example, a natural alternative to potentially toxic flea and tick preventatives are natural oils and drops you apply to your pet’s skin. These are great because the oils are natural insect repellants, so all you have to do is apply them after a bath.

2) Natural diets for natural pets

If you want to go natural, it’s essential to ensure that your pet is eating natural food as well. Remember: cats are carnivores, and dogs are omnivores. There are many ways you can do this, including raw food diets, high-quality commercial foods, and more. Looking for foods that make use of high-quality protein sources, include human-grade ingredients, and focus on organic are all a good bet.

It’s also important to note that if your dog or cat is on any medication, natural or not, it’s essential to double-check with your vet before making any sudden diet changes.

3) Supplements for natural health

Diet isn’t the only way that you can ensure natural pet care. Supplements are a natural way of ensuring that your pet is getting everything they need. For example, Omega-3 is important for dogs because it’s an anti-inflammatory, natural pain reliever and natural heart health supplement. For cats, it ensures healthy skin, natural fat metabolism, brain functions and more! And omega 3 isn’t the only natural supplement available for pets. There are many others that you can give your pet to ensure healthy natural care.

Take CBD, for example. This popular trend isn’t just for humans anymore! Companies are racing to make pet CBD options available for the furkids of the household. As a natural supplement, CBD is designed to help pets feel calm and relaxed, without any of the harmful side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. It’s also great for dealing with inflammation.

4) Natural grooming

Like humans, natural pet care involves regular grooming to keep your furry friend healthy and feeling good. It’s essential not to use commercial shampoos or other personal care products designed for humans. Although they may smell natural, many fragrances are made from sources that might not be great for pets.

Instead, stick to the ones made specifically for them and avoid dealing with any issues. Seek out organic ingredients and, for susceptible dogs, scent-free formulas.

5) Exercise and mental stimulation

Part of the trend toward natural pet care involves an emphasis on prevention rather than treatment. However, nothing keeps a pet healthier than proper exercise and mental stimulation. This means not just physical health, but also mental health is important. They’re both vital for your pet’s health because, without them, they can develop severe health conditions like obesity and depression.

Light, natural play exercise is a great way to exercise for both cats and dogs. Keep your pet on a routine schedule to ensure they get plenty of light exercise and play every day. And remember to spend lots of time with them because it’s not only fun for you but a natural mood enhancer for them. This includes senior pets who will also benefit from the same physical and mental activity, just at lower intensities and shorter intervals.

Natural Pet Care and Other Aspects of Your Life

While it may seem like natural pet care is just another expense you have to take on, the truth is that it can save you money in the long run. For example, natural diets help your pet avoid obesity, which can lead to many health conditions that natural remedies may be able to treat. This is especially vital these days, as American pets are suffering from an obesity epidemic leading to multiple secondary issues. In the long run, natural pet care can save you money on vet bills and medical expenses.

Include More Natural Solutions in Your Life

Once you have embraced the idea of natural pet care, there are many ways you can integrate these ideas into your own life. Here are some solutions that you can look to for inspiration:

  • Use natural laundry products like essential oils and laundry strips.
  • Find natural cleaning products that enhance wood, stone and tile surfaces.
  • Seek out natural and organic personal grooming products to replace synthetic ones.
  • Avoid overly processed foods and instead opt for whole, organic foods.

Final Thoughts

Once you start looking, natural pet care options are everywhere! And once you have a natural alternative, it will be hard to go back to the artificial stuff.

Every month or so, start a new natural pet care trend. For example, natural supplements like pet CBD drops on their food in the evening this month. Then, next, you can transition to a better shampoo. Incremental change is still great, and your furry friends will love you for it.

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