5 Weird Dog Behaviors: What Do They Mean and How to Deal with Them?


A dog brings joy and happiness into your life. The four-legged companion is the epitome of loyalty, unconditional love, and the unbreakable bond that only dog lovers can understand. Dogs cannot speak like humans, but they can express themselves in many ways primarily through their behavior. Sometimes dogs behave strangely and owners are left puzzled. In other instances, dog owners believe they know the reason behind some strange behavior, although the real truth is completely different. To keep your dog happy and safe you need to understand some of the weirdest dog behaviors and their meanings.

1.     Rubbing their butt on the floor

Rubbing or dragging the butt i.e. scooting on the floor seems funny and even ridiculous. Sometimes dog owners think this behavior signifies the dog’s need for attention. That’s not the main reason behind this strange behavior. One reason for rubbing or dragging butt on the floor is that the dog has just pooed and is trying to clean up.

But, if the dog does this in the living room and especially on the carpet it could indicate the presence of some health problem. The most common problems that would make a dog scoot on the floor include tapeworm, flea issues, and the infection of the anal gland. If the scooting is persistent make sure to take the dog to the vet. If scooting was the manifestation of some health problems it will go away once the dog receives proper treatment. On the flip side, if it’s just something he or she does after pooing, then you may want to do more training so they adopt healthy “after poo” habits.

2.     Humping

Mounting and humping could be the dog’s way to cope with boredom, excitement, and even with anxiety all of which are common in dogs. Moreover, when a dog is trying to mount other dogs it is a sign of dominance. To tackle this problem you need to uncover the exact cause. Anxiety is easily treated in dogs with the proper approach and cannabis oil for dogs about which you can learn more here. Ignore the dog when he humps stuff or toys because any kind of reaction (including laughter) will only encourage this behavior. As far as humping other dogs is concerned, you may want to step up dog training. Other things that can help include increasing the dog’s exercise and physical activity so he can channel his energy the right way.

3.     Chasing their tail

Sometimes the dog is just being playful when chasing the tail. In other instances, it could be a sign of discomfort. Chasing or trying to catch his tail could mean the dog has injured the tail. Parasites such as ticks could also be the reason why the dog is trying to catch his tail. Skin irritation on the tail is yet another reason. Check your dog and the tail closely. Are there any irritations or injuries? If so, treat them or take the dog to the vet. If this is just a playful habit you may want to get some toys the dog can play with, increase their activity levels, and try to ignore the behavior (in case the dog’s doing it for attention).

4.     Leaning on you

Is your dog clingy so much he or she leans on you all the time? Whenever you sit or stand your dog is right there leaning on your legs? The common misconception is that leaning is the dog’s effort to dominate the owner with his weight. But, that’s not true. Leaning is the sign of affection. By being there by your side and leaning against you, the dog is just trying to express his affection but also to get more attention and love from his owner. Therefore, next time your canine does this, don’t take it as a sign of dominance but pet him instead.

5.     Ears dropped and fallen low

Dropped ears and fallen or low tail are the signs of stress, discomfort, nervousness, anxiety, and other negative emotions. Unfortunately, most humans fail to recognize these signs. You need to spot this promptly. Otherwise, these feelings of discomfort could aggravate and become too difficult for a dog to handle. Then, this would lead to other problems including biting. Take your dog to the vet who will recommend adequate therapy for anxiety. Give your dog a nice, soothing massage. Reexamine daily routine and see how you can improve it to ease anxiety for your dog.


Dogs communicate with us through their behavior. Dog owners need to recognize these signs and understand their true meaning to help their dog feel better. This post listed five strange yet common behaviors and their meanings. Does your dog do any of those? How did you handle it?

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