5 Simple Health Tips to Keep Dogs and Cats Happy

Pets give us unlimited comfort and companionship. It is our job as owners to provide them with the best care possible, to ensure they live a long life. Here are five simple ways to keep your dog or cat happy for years to come.

Teach Basic Training

Pet training builds confidence while allowing for socialization. Teach your dog the basics like sit, heel, stay and fetch. Dogs love to impress, so when these skills are mastered try more challenging tasks, like playing dead or rolling over. Cats tend to be more independent than dogs, but with patience and consistency you can teach them to scratch designated areas or to stay off of kitchen countertops. Remember to always use positive reinforcement when training.

Visit Your Vet Regularly

Your pet cannot always tell you when something hurts. They can have dental, heart, joint and muscle problems just like humans. Dogs and cats require yearly visits to the vet to stay current on their vaccinations. While there, the doctor will perform a thorough physical, taking note of any abnormalities that you might not have noticed.

Keep Bugs Away

Parasites can be extremely harmful to the wellbeing of your pet. For instance, fleas are not only a problem that irritates their skin. If ingested, fleas can lead to tapeworm, a serious illness for your dog or cat. A Temecula pest control expert knows that you don’t want your pets getting sick from bugs or other pests. Protect your pets with flea, tick and heartworm medication year round, especially if they are outside.

Regular Exercise

If you feed your pet table food or daily treats along with his regular meals, he can become obese. Balance his food with daily exercise. Dogs should have at least one long walk each day. Attract your cat with a strand of yarn or a laser light to get him moving. Exercise will keep your pet at a healthy weight, and it expends energy which relaxes him both physically and mentally.

Use Vehicle Restraints

Nervous, unrestrained pets can distract drivers and may suffer serious injuries in a car accident. Seat belt restraints for dogs, and carriers for cats, should always be used when riding in the car. Pets should ride in the back seat. Should there be a crash and the airbags are deployed, they will be far enough away from them to avoid harm.

Keep your pets happy with proper training, wellness checks and exercise. They will thank you with love and companionship, and you will ensure that you spend many blissful years together.

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