4 Steps for Keeping Your Rugs Clean With a Pet

You know that there’s nothing like being greeted by a happy puppy or purring kitten when you get home from a long day. But then you see what they’ve done to your carpet or beloved rug and start to think twice about whether having an indoor pet was a good idea!

Fear not—I’ve composed a step-by-step rug maintenance guide for all of your furry friend’s messes and mishaps. Read on for my favorite tips and tricks for keeping your rugs clean when you share your house with a pet.

Step 1: Vacuum Vibes

4 Steps for Keeping Your Rugs Clean With a Pet

For the most part, we think that if we can’t see it, then it doesn’t exist. But the worst stains are below the surface of your area rug, so it’s best to vacuum as often as possible. Pet dandruff, dirty paws and bathroom breaks often occur on our favorite plush surfaces because the odor from a previous mess is still detectable. Vacuuming regularly helps to lift debris and odor so your rugs maintain their luster—and pets aren’t prone to stop and sniff around.

Step 2: Shake, Rattle and Rotate

4 Steps for Keeping Your Rugs Clean With a Pet

Give your area rug a good shake outside. This step can be performed before you vacuum to help loosen debris, or after, to make sure you’ve gotten all of the dirt and dandruff out. After you shake the rug, leave it out in the fresh air for about an hour to help naturally diffuse odors. Lastly, rotate it when you bring it back inside. Annually rotating your rugs helps to evenly distribute inevitable wear and tear.

Step 3: Seeing Spots

4 Steps for Keeping Your Rugs Clean With a Pet

Photo Credit: Allfoors Glasgow

Spot cleaning is key to maintaining the beauty of your favorite bohemian rug, but it is also a messy hassle. The best way to tackle tricky spots is by knowing what material your rug is made of and choosing a product accordingly. It’s usually best to initially sop up the stain with a little bit of water and a rag. And remember: blot, don’t rub!

Step 4: Hit Refresh

4 Steps for Keeping Your Rugs Clean With a Pet

This last step is great for maintaining the freshness of the rug you just cleaned—or for when you’re in a time crunch before guests arrive. Comb over a high-pile rug with a bristle brush to pick up any leftover debris. Sprinkle a little baking soda on your area rug and leave it on for an hour before vacuuming to absorb tougher odors. Spritz a little bit of your favorite room spray and ‘Voila!’—as good as new!

Keep these tips in your back pocket just in case Fido decides your awesome shag would be better used as a chew toy. We love suggestions! What are your go-to rug maintenance methods?

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