4 Signs That Your Pet Might Be Ill and How to Spot Them

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Pet illness isn’t always obvious. Knowing what to look for will make it possible for you to seek faster treatment to prevent more health problems from occurring. These four signs may indicate that your pet is sick.

Foul Breath

Eating certain foods or improper dental care can often lead to bad breath in pets, but the foul smell could indicate problems that are more serious. Kidney disease and metabolic disorders sometimes cause bad breath in animals. Gum disease could also be present. A toxic substance might also have been ingested that causes an odor. If bad breath still persists after teeth cleanings or diet modifications, medical treatment may be necessary.

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Changes in Urination

If you notice that your pet is urinating more or less frequently than usual, there could be a problem with your pet’s kidneys or other internal organs. A kidney infection, liver disease or bladder stones could all cause problems with urination. Diabetes is another known culprit that affects urination patterns. It should be noted that your pet may not have a serious problem if bathroom habits change for just a day or two, but prolonged changes should be brought to the attention of a qualified veterinarian.

Fur Loss

A trip to a veterinary hospital, such as South Seattle Veterinary Hospital, might also be needed if you notice unusual fur loss. Dogs and cats that scratch themselves frequently because of tick, flea or ear mite infestations often lose fur in the areas that are being scratched. However, if your pet has been treated for these pests but is still losing a lot of fur, a fungal, yeast or staph infection could be to blame. Endocrine problems can also cause fur loss.

Changes in Movement

Arthritis is often to blame for changes in movement. Dogs that have arthritis tend to limp or move slower while cats often start jumping onto perches and other high places as a reaction to joint pain. Walking with a hunched back is another sign of arthritis. Problems like heartworm disease, hypoglycemia or even depression may also be present if you’re noticing less movement.

Learning how to recognize sings of illness will allow you to take quicker measures to get your pet’s health back on track. While these signs can be only indications of a minor problem, if the problem persists it can be a sign of illness. Be on the lookout for these signs to keep any existing medical problems from getting worse.

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