3 Tips for Reducing Anxiety in Your Pets

It’s hard enough when we as humans have anxiety and stress in our lives – it can take some time and planning in order to manage it appropriately. But what about when our four-legged family members get stressed? They can’t tell us what they need or what we can do to reduce their anxiety, but they do give signs and show symptoms when something isn’t right.

Anxiety in pets is not an uncommon thing; sometimes, it’s based around certain scenarios and situations that they are in, a new environment, or even just their personality. What’s important to know though, is how the stress and anxiety of your pet is started, before you know how to treat it. Maybe your pet doesn’t like to be left alone, or maybe they’re afraid of loud noises or lots of people in their environment. When pets are anxious, they might tend to use the bathroom where they shouldn’t (like inside the house), or they might start to become destructive.

Whatever the case may be, let’s check out some tips that you can utilize for reducing anxiety in your four-legged family members!


One of the best ways you can reduce stress in your pet is to get them moving. Not only is physical activity considered a huge stress relief for humans, but it also correlates to our furry friends as well! Exercise (whether it be going for a walk, throwing a ball, hiking, or even doing nose work or agility training) essentially releases hormones that help promote good feelings, and physical activity in and of itself can help loweranxiety and release energy.


With over half of pet owners letting their dogs sleep inbed with them at night, it’s no surprise that this habit can lower anxiety. Not only can sleep quality be improved from the human standpoint, but can also help make your pet feel safe and secure, knowing their human is nearby.

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If you know your pet gets anxious when there are local fireworks going off, or is nervous to be around lots of people, distractions andtraining can be amazing tools. Once your pet is engaged on you and listening to the commands or directions you’re giving them, it can help to take their mind off of the overstimulating sounds or sights around them that cause their anxiety. Make sure to give lots of positive rewards when you know they’re focusing on you and not on the scary thing – that way, their stress level should start to go down if they’re in the same situation again at another point in time!

If you need more assistance with reducing stress or anxiety with your pet, consult your local veterinarian – these are just some simpletips that you can utilize to help your pet calm down. Remember, every animal is different, and each one won’t always react the same way to stimuli or commands. Just figure out what makes your furry friend stressed or anxious, and then slowly try and determine the best plan of action to make them feel better.

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